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Sociology coaching in Delhi | Working Professional - Coaching - UPSC 2013
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Sociology coaching in Delhi | Working Professional
  • Hi friends ,

    I have opted for sociology as my optional and i need some coaching advice for the same.As i am a working professional so i need coaching classes either in evening(after 6pm ) or weekend batch.Please suggest some good coaching institues in delhi area.
  • @avix are you in ORN or MKN?
  • @hindi what orn or mkn?
  • @avix
    ORN: Old Rajinder Nagar
    MKN: Mukherjee Nagar

  • @hindi no i'm not in any of those places, my home and office both are in south delhi so , i was looking for a decent if not best coaching center preferably close to south delhi.
  • The best coaching instts are not available in your area. For sociology, go for Mahapatra sir (Vajiram ) or Upendra sir (UIAS). Those are the best in town, so they say! ;;)
    But sociology is an easy subject, you can prepare on your own. L-)
  • @Smile Actually i need classes strictly after 6 or in weekend but UIAS class timings are from 4 to 7 so it's not possible for me to attend but what about vajiram timing?
  • @avix Call them up and ask
    011 2582 0000
  • @Smile same timing issue here :(
  • sorry to post in the wrong thread.. but can somebody help me with the question,,
    How is vertical and horizontal social mobility problematic in society? suggest solutions.

    This was a 60 marker question when asked in the mains.

    My doubt : The question wants to ask the problems of social mobility once it happens or problems associated with achieving social mobility?
  • @Smile , @AragornTheKing
    I've chosen sociology as my optional(2014). could you please suggest me a coaching institute in Mukherjee Nagar.
    and some reviews about Mr. Praveen Kumar Pandey(Royal n Daksh IAS)
  • For Sociology Vikash Ranjan is a very good teacher. He teaches Sociology so elegantly that student's interest in the subject deepens. He takes limited students and guides with complete dedication. He also takes one on one discussion with his his students to clarify any of the doubts. His personal attention towards students helps a lot. The good part is that he doesn't burden students with lots of heavy study material.
  • @coolzk Any contact details of Vikash Ranjan?
  • Apologies for late reply
    Contact no. of Vikash Ranjan is +918586861046
  • @dr_gs and others
    Any idea about the THE ANALYTICS in jia sarai?
  • avix said:

    I have opted for sociology as my optional and i need some coaching advice for the same.As i am a working professional so i need coaching classes either in evening(after 6pm )... .

    You can join Bibhash Sharma's Online Sociology IAS Classes. It is specially for working professionals or students outside Delhi.
  • I think Chronicle IAS Academy is the best place for IAS Preparations as well as optional papers including Sociology. You can go through the website:
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