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Supreme court Order to Search Engines to Block Sex Determination Ads and How are Search Engines regulated under IT Act, 2000

What has the SC ordered to the Search Engines ? Supreme Court directed search engines Google, Microsoft , Yahoo not to advertise, or sponsor any advertisement relating to  pre-natal sex selection. The court order came after the central government said the search engines have relevant technology and deep-domain knowledge and expertise to block/filter the words/phrases/expressions andRead Full Article

Analysis of Sri Lanka Presidential Elections 2015 and Implications for India

Maithripala Sirisena defeated the incumbent President Mahinda Rajapaksa. The election was significant for many reasons : – • Rajapaksa sought a third term by amending the Constitution of Sri Lanka – that incumbent president could contest any number of times. And he lost. •  The election took place two years earlier than the actual schedule.Read Full Article

Cultural Pageant at 66th Republic Day – What did the states showcase ?

Cultural Pageant at the 66th Republic Day had many interesting tableaux. We all know about Wajid Ali Shah. Exam point of view – it does not seem to be important. Some cultural traditions which are not that famous and you might not be knowing , UPSC might just ask one of these ! Channapatna Toys ofRead Full Article

Shanta Kumar Committee Recommendations on Reforming Food Corporation of India ( FCI )

GoI had constituted a committee under  Shanta Kumar  to suggest reforms for Food Corporation of India. The report has been submitted. And some major reforms have been suggested. The various domains under which suggestions have been given are discussed below. Recommendations • Cash transfer: It has been recommended for cities having 1 million or more population. TheRead Full Article

All that you need to know about Central Board of Film Certification ( CBFC ) and the Leela Samson resignation issue

What is the Censor Board ? •The Central Board of Film Certification ( CBFC ) known as Censor Board is a statutory body under the Ministry of I&B. • It regulates the public exhibition of films under the provisions of the Cinematograph Act 1952. • Films can be publicly exhibited in India only after they haveRead Full Article

Traditional Methods of Water Harvesting – What can we learn from our glorious past ?

Ancient Indians understood the science and art of settlement planning, architecture and governance of natural resources. British gazettes speak of these systems at length calling us a hydraulic society. Indus Valley civilization is a great example of that.Highly sophisticated systems were in place which varied to suit different ecosystems, for harvesting every drop of water. I’llRead Full Article

India Water Week 2015 ; Hamara Jal – Hamara Jeewan Initiative

The theme of the water week is “Water Management for Sustainable Development”. India Water Week-2015 will address the issues of sustainability of water resources development and management in line with Sustainable Development Goals 2015 being finalized by UN. Conceptualized and organised for the first time in 2012, the India Water Week is an annual forumRead Full Article

NRIs to get voting rights : A complete analysis of the issue

What has the Supreme Court said? The Supreme Court told the Centre that it should within eight weeks amend necessary laws to  allow NRIs to vote in Indian elections. Union government informed the Supreme Court that it has accepted Election Commission’s recommendation to allow NRIs to vote from overseas through e-postal ballots or proxy voting. How didRead Full Article

What are the changes proposed in environmental norms to ensure ease of doing business What are the changes proposed in environmental norms to ensure ease of doing business

Please go through the article on the recommendations of TSR Subramanian Committee to gain a better perspective. The panel had sought state controls based on environmental regulations be removed.  Here is the link to the article – TSR Subramanian Committee Recommendations What has the government recommended now? – Industries need not acquire mandatory consent-to-establish (CTE) certificates from state pollution controlRead Full Article

All you need to know about Carbon Fertilization

· Anthropogenic emissions add more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Forests worldwide are using it to grow faster, reducing the amount of CO2 that stays in the atmosphere. This effect is called carbon fertilization. Faster plant growth leads to the sequestration of more CO2 , at least during the plants period of growth. · The effect isRead Full Article