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UPSC Mains 2014 Results Date

When do you think are UPSC Mains 2014 results coming? Vote below!

Measures taken by government to contain price rise and improve the availability of essential food items

The Government has initiated several measures in the recent past to contain price rise and improve the availability of essential food items. The recent steps taken in this regard are:  Minimum Export Price has been fixed for potatoes and for onions. This has been done to keep domestic prices under check in view of increased wholesaleRead Full Article

China’s increasing engagement with Afghanistan

“Almost every great power in history, when they were rising, was deeply involved in Afghanistan, and China will not be an exception.”-  Prof Wang Lian. China  launched  a new official forum in Kabul, the ‘China-Pakistan-Afghanistan Strategic Dialogue’.  This triangular engagement is likely to emerge as a major force shaping India’s north western frontiers. What was the outcomeRead Full Article

All you need to know about Soil Health Card Scheme

Deteriorating soil health has been a cause of concern and that has been leading to sub optimal utilization of farming resources. Soil health needs to be assessed at regular intervals so as to ensure that farmers apply the required nutrients while taking advantages of the nutrients already present in the soil. A new centrally sponsoredRead Full Article

Can Foreign Contribution Regulation Act curb corruption in NGOs ?

Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) allows the NGOs to receive donations, grants and assistance from overseas sources. Some of the NGOs have global networks to address global issues and they get funds for a variety of purposes. Total funds flowing in are approximately Rs. 500cr. FCRA requires several permissions for accepting foreign contributions by theRead Full Article

Functions of NITI Aayog

I’ve prepared this article with excepts from the official press release of Niti Aayog. As a dedicated Think Tank of the Government, Niti Aayog will carry out the ‘directional’ role, strategically charting the future of the nation. Functions of Niti Aayog as envisioned by the institution are : – 1. Cooperative and Competitive Federalism Primary platform for operationalizingRead Full Article

Reforms required in higher education ; Choice based Credit System

Higher Education  paves the path for growth and is a generator of ultimate knowledge and innovation. India’s Higher education sector should come in pace with global standards benchmarks Rising costs of higher education and the changing profile of education seekers, aided by technological innovation are leading to the creation of alternative models of knowledge dispensation. CentralRead Full Article

Disaster Management – How to build Resilience ?

India’s disaster management system has seen a significant shift from a relief-driven response to being more proactive, with an emphasis on disaster prevention, mitigation and preparedness. It has been a decade to Disaster Management Act, 2005. Considering the recent trend of increased natural disasters , what should India focus on now ? India must focusRead Full Article

Jan Aushadhi Initiative – What will be the effect on people and pharmaceutical companies ?

What is Jan Aushadhi Initiative ? • Central government will procure medicines in bulk from public as well as private drug manufacturing firms . It will be sold under the brand  ‘Jan Aushadhi’. These will be sold in the retail market at a competitive price, allowing consumers to buy a cheaper yet quality product from theRead Full Article