UPSC IAS Articles on Important Issues

Read the following topics for UPSC IAS Exam by clicking on the links:

UPSC IAS General Studies Paper 2

Section A – Bills & Policies

  1. Transgender Bill: Issues and Suggestions
  2. Women’s Rights and Recent SC Rulings
  3. Geospatial Information Regulation Bill, 2016: Provisions and Criticisms
  4. National Civil Aviation Policy
  5. Disaster management Act in India – Salient Features and Issues
  6. National Cyber Security Policy
  7. Surrogacy Bill – Provisions, Critical Analysis and Limitations
  8. Maternity Benefit Bill 2016
  9. Draft National Health Policy
  10. Abducted Persons Bill
  11. Draft National Women’s Policy
  12. Forest Rights Act, 2006 & PESA Act, 1996
  13. Trafficking of Persons Bill 2016

Section B – National Issues

  1. Niti Aayog
  2. Pulse Production in India: Challenges and Way forward
  3. Need to Reform Defamation Laws
  4. What is ailing India’s Healthcare
  5. What is ailing India’s education System
  6. What is ailing India’s Defense Procurement
  7. How effective are Prohibition Laws
  8. 10 Years of MNREGS – Editorial Article
  9. Indian Railways: Issues and Reforms
  10. Moving ahead of Budgetary Process
  11. 10 Years of Police Reforms – How far have we reached
  12. Police (law and order): Problems and Reforms
  13. PAN India Agricultural Market Remains Illusive
  14. Cauvery Water Dispute and All Other River Water Disputes
  15. One Election for both State Assembly and General Assembly
  16. India’s E-Waste Problem
  17. RTE Act : No Detention Policy
  18. INDU University
  19. Case for National Water Commission
  20. Private Members Bill – Should Mayor’s be directly elected?
  21. Need for Expanding Fundamental Duties
  22. Uniform Civil Code

Section C- International Relations

  1. International Solar Alliance
  2. Indus Water Treaty & India
  3. Surgical Strikes – All About
  4. Logistics Agreement with USA – Explained
  5. South China Sea dispute and India
  6. SAARC and its relevance in Modern Times
  7. Silk Road Revival Plan
  8. Nuclear Supplier’s Group and India’s Membership
  9. Indo-US relations: In the light of recent United States presidential election
  10. India-Japan Relations
  11. Peace in Columbia
  12. Political Developments in Neighboring Countries – Myanmar,
  13. China’s One Belt One Road Initiative
  14. Opportunities in the Arctic
  15. Need for a Strategic Diaspora Evacuation Policy
  16. Should India do away with MFN Status for Pakistan?
  17. Relevance of NAM Today

UPSC IAS General Studies Paper 3

Section A – Economic Issues

  1. India as a Cashless Economy
  2. Monetary Policy Committee
  3. Globalization and impact on Indian startups
  4. Farm Subsidies and WTO – Issues and Way Ahead
  5. Brexit Issues
  6. India – USA WTO Solar Panel Issue
  7. All about India’s Solar Policy
  8. Paris Climate Change Agreement – India
  9. India’s Ratification of Paris Climate Deal
  10. Merger of Banks – Recent SBI Merger
  11. Frazer Institute – Equal Opportunity for Women will boost growth
  12. Income Declaration Scheme, 2016
  13. Advancing the Budget Date
  14. 100% FDI for Trading of Food Products
  15. Universal Basic Income Scheme – India

Section B – Science & Technology

  1. Augmented Reality
  2. ICANN and the Future of Internet
  3. Scramjet Engine
  4. Zika Virus – All you need to know
  5. Scrub Typhus
  6. Light Fidelity or Li-Fi
  7. Antibiotic Resistence : Babies Falling Sick
  8. GM Debate in India
  9. Vehicle Fleet Modernization Program
  10. World’ First Quantum Communication Satellite
  11. Digital Piracy & Torrents Issue
  12. Driverless Cars

Section C – Security

  1. Terror financing and Money laundering
  2. The Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act
  3. Scorpene data leak – Implications and Way Ahead
  4. National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID): Functions and Concerns
  5. Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 (Sendai Framework)- Aims and Targets


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