Rank 46 – IFS Topper Avinash Kumar Strategy to CRACK IFS with Forestry and Geology + Links to Sources

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  • Rhythm 2017

    hey is your upsc optional geology?

  • Nikki

    I have learnt there is a good coaching available for geology at Mukherjee Nagar Under N B vidya sir..please give some feedback

  • Extremely helpful for future candidates.

  • Krishna Krish

    Congratulations Avinash ji… 🙂

  • VivekJ2

    Congratulations Sir! After reading your interview, I am contemplating taking up IFS along with Civils preparation. There is a total lack of guidance for IFS and your and Neha ma’am’s interview has given a lot of good direction.

    I am thinking of taking up forestry as one of the optionals.

    Sir, a request to you – will it be possible for you to write a detailed article for Forestry and geology. Many people have taken Geology optional , but the problem is that most people had geography as optional in UPSC Mains.

    Will you still recommend geology optional for those candidates who do not have Geography optional? If not, what other optional would you recommend along with Forestry?

    Waiting for your reply.

  • Sphinx

    Congratulations Avinash ! Thanks for sharing link of important resources. They are really helpful

  • Neyawn

    Congratulations Avinash!