Daily Quiz : UPSC Prelims Marathon – January 10

Daily Quiz - January 10

Welcome to Prelims Marathon 2017. Start attempting the Daily Quiz. This free program would be focused on UPSC Prelims 2017.

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All the Best!

For UPSC Mains Preparation, we have Mains Marathon 2017 Initiative 🙂



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  • darkknight

    correct 2/7

  • darkknight

    2 of 7 questions answered correctly

    Your time: 00:03:15

  • Is the correct answer for Q6 not MSF but LAF because of the word ‘principle’? Because both of them are used by the banks to repurchase GSec. though at different rates.

  • Ashish


  • Ias Aspirant

    Sir please provide exp. too

  • Hrangkekuala

    thanks u forum 😉

  • Aakash Yadav


  • Reena Pal


  • Mystic Ti

    repurchase is for repo

  • Raunak Vashisht

    thank you Sir, certainly better than the 1st test where I scored as low as 2 :!
    Hope to cross 5 today :))

  • ForumIAS


  • Best desire

    please provide explanation….

  • ForumIAS

    Thanks Dhoni.

  • ForumIAS

    Good score Raunak.

  • ForumIAS


  • ForumIAS


  • ForumIAS

    Super Awesome!


    3/7lmatlb 4

  • ForumIAS

    Failure is the stepping stone for success.

  • ForumIAS


  • ForumIAS

    LAF is the right answer:) Posting error!!

  • mahi returns

    thank u for ur initiative sir

    score 7/7

  • ForumIAS


  • ForumIAS

    No issues.

  • CSE2017 aspirant (ABG)

    Read about FERA ka terrorism 🙂
    ILO ka mandate bhi dekha – Social justice ke liye work karta hai
    Thanks Poirot (RV)

  • RV


  • RV

    Abhi, FEMA to agar FERA ka terrorism pata hai usse he solve ho jaega_ and ye apne ko first generation reforms pe padhna hai _ILO since labour security issues dekhti hai to u can guess_ MSF wala question shayad galat hai- it says monetary policy instrument which is OMO but it is not a repurchase agreement ..

  • Dragon Booster

    Please provide explanation for the questions sir.

  • CSE2017 aspirant (ABG)

    same here – I too marked LAF 🙂

  • Sushil4CSE

    3/7, got less!!!!
    thank you for great questions @forumias-7f07ca326ce76cdde680e4b3d568bce8:disqus

  • Peace

    Yes , even I think it should be LAF.

  • Peace

    Doubt –
    ILO is not an Organ of UN, it is rather a specialised agency of UN.

    The main organs of the UN are the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council, the Trusteeship Council, the International Court of Justice, and the UN Secretariat.

  • Peace

    @forumias-7f07ca326ce76cdde680e4b3d568bce8:disqus : Thanks for these questions.

  • Peace
  • abhinav

    haha…………tips revision revision revision…..bs

  • H________R

    i think bsbda has to be kyc compliant(simplified ) @forumias-7f07ca326ce76cdde680e4b3d568bce8:disqus

  • SSS

    yeah!!! even I felt same

    LAF-in form of REPO is reurchase right!!!

    did u too think it’s LAF?

  • ForumIAS

    No problem!

  • ForumIAS

    Good score!

  • 5/7!
    Kuch tips dedo topper saaheb 😛

  • CSE2017 aspirant (ABG)

    all the best for tomorrow, let’s aim for 5+ tomorrow

  • SSS

    in ILO- I did elimination
    even I got FEMA wrong
    I read that denotified tribes long back
    irony is OMO – though my strong area did wrong

  • Vencedora

    Open market operations are selling or buying bonds by Rbi to control money circulation or to check inflation.
    Pls check q6 ?

  • abhinav

    hey! Simran(Senorita):))
    ur score???

  • abhinav

    thankyou forum once again …………plz provide explation for every question.
    score 7/7:)

  • R@

    5/7 😐

  • S.Dazzle

    Thanks ForumIAS.

  • frontrunner

    got only 2/7
    need to improve .
    I need to slowdown while answering questions
    I feel in a hurry to attempt.Any suggestions welcomed
    Thank you@forumias-7f07ca326ce76cdde680e4b3d568bce8:disqus

  • CSE2017 aspirant (ABG)

    Right – 2 , Wrong – 3, left – 2
    I only knew 1st and last question with full conviction and did them correct.
    Need to revise OMO, Repo rate, MSF, LAF – 🙂 (Basics)
    Denotified question was awesome
    And please tell me the source of ILO and FEMA questions

  • raj_upsc

    The initiative is much appreciated. However, a little bit explanations attached would be desirable, if possible. Personal email regarding scorecard is nice step as it would enable us to keep track of our performance over long period of time. 🙂

  • @ForumIAS kindly provide a link for explanation..:)

  • Thank you so much sir.
    The only thing required now, is explanation for every question. Please consider this request sir. 🙂

  • Bastele

    1/7 🙁 I am noob when it comes to economics, proved.

  • SSS

    Ur yesterday’s score
    Same c,w,unattempt too

  • CSE2017 aspirant (ABG)

    Sir, please try to include atleast relevant link of the question, so that it becomes easy for aspirants to learn the related concepts.
    However, I would like to praise the standard of questions 🙂 . Relevant to current events

  • Try one more time!

    Same :p

  • DevNand

    i got less today. disappointed. 🙁

  • Brijesh Singh

    Where to get descriptions of the solutions? i am unable to find.

  • ForumIAS

    No issues. It will improve over time.

  • ForumIAS

    Try for 5+

  • CSE2017 aspirant (ABG)

    how much did u score

  • Abhilash

    Today no rank list….I got less…but wish to see there

  • SSS

    Thanks ForumIAS
    Great questions 👍🏼

  • Try one more time!

    what should be the ideal score sir?

  • Sunil Singh

    today is 4/7, yesterday it was 2/7

  • ForumIAS

    Good. Cheer up!

  • Try one more time!

    4/7 🙁