Essay Test – May 27, 2017

Instructions:  Write an essay on any one of the following in about 1000-1200 words.
Time : 90 minutes

Marks : 125

1. Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.

2. Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet.

Write the Essay in the Comment section below.

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  • anu

    Nice one learned Lt…..

  • anu

    Character cannot be developed in ease and quite:—

    Definite character to jewel with:—–
    Character anself owned ornament that every one bejewel with but a good or bad context of it is definable by its own choice.we have always heard that ” The gold is hot with nothing but glowing in fire” so even if we have to flourish our character we have to overcome the ease and quiet.yes it do have the pain with itself but these efforts always shows the real aid of life .if we have dream,passion,ambition or success oriented thought our character do need some extraordinary instrument of character to witness it.if I could thread it in few lines it will be like…
    Life is not about perception,its all about reality
    Ya it shows us kindness,but never forget to show the cruelity
    Things get changed one after the other
    We never know next is what to suffer
    Our eys not gonna have only comfortable sights
    To develop the character we have to fight….
    To learn from the best-there are many examples in our life who have proven that giving up ease not gives pain foreverbut it do last with a certainity of success.our hounarable former president late Mr.A.P.J Abdul kalam an iconic legend who faced difficulties throughout his childhood and student phase but he never gave up and kept fighting to make his character and so only we know him as ” iron man of India”.so we have our life to learn many things to learn to be strong and unstoppable to learn to overcome our weaknesses to learn to have a dignified character and so on.while learning it obvious to fall and get failed sometimes but we have to keep learning from our failure and keep trying again and is not pleasant always it do have sorrownessbut a delightful character get build up and emerge better while going through all these with hope,confidence,hardworking and continuance.there is a reality of our existence that we are alive until our heart is beating so to have a winning character of life be like..
    Rhythm of heart beat not to stop until we die
    If it demands to give up ease never get shy…
    From virtual to real… may possible 5o win the game of life with ease but that doesn’t certify the winner’ s character for long run and the next phase will definitely toss him upside down and so living in easecand avoiding danger is not at all safer for real exposure of character.the fearful character always get trapped in failure netvand get also slapped by real mean of life coz lifevis always daring chapter to learn the advent of successful living. Uncertainty only walks with them who wants only to walk in a safer zone with ease but those who adorn a character of determination, and confidence then certainty always walks by side of them.
    One should never look down because it only visualise limitation but if we look upbthen only we find that there is no limitations to rise up in the same way a positive character valways get risen high.we all have read the pharase that impossible also have hidden meaning of I m possible in it we just need to have that viewvif one door get closed it do opens many by side.we just have to be aware and optimistic we just have to have the belief that the more we get hit the much we get shaper
    Failure is necessary too….until we face some troublesome we never learn to find a way out of it that indirectly prepares us for the next to come failure doesn’t mean to get stopped rathervit givesva wing of experience to fly above the cloud to avoid the rain….
    From noise to rhythm…..similarly if life makes a noise and do irritates never shut your window of thoughts and confidence and give reply with the optimism never go quiet by accepting the defeat.let’s turn the noise into rhythm the noise of failure to rhythm of success…
    Nnit has been alwaysvproven that a character of dignity is enough to bend thousands with demon character.avoid ease to witness the real side of life a life with suceess dignity band all the wonderful aspects of life .if you will live in ease its definite to get snatched by the real mean of our existence but to live a character of positivity an aura of optimism our existence gets a fame in the world with an ease………

  • ForumIAS

    Good essay…keep writing..

  • Rajiv Sunil Krishnan

    Nice essay and was pleased to see ROCKY quoted. 🙂

  • Jyoti Singh

    Character Can Not Be Developed In Ease And Quite—–

    Character can not be developed in ease and quite;This Quotes aptly indicates that a person Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved and immensely helpful in building a character.

    Many people look upon difficulties as if they are the end all to be all. They see an obstacle and curse their own creation. Every problem they have ever experienced comes crashing back on them.
    While difficult times can feel like a deep dark hole that we can’t escape and we often wonder “Why is this happening to me?”, there is a silver lining to tough times. It’s through the difficult times in our life, that we are able to grow. It’s when we are tested that we are able to rise, push through and come out the other side stronger, braver and bet.
    No one wants to struggle. No one wants to even admit their struggling. We all want to have Photoshopped versions of our own lives that fit perfectly into an Instagram square. But life does not work like that. Every one of us will be faced with a variety of tough times in their life. It is one of the few things we can really count on.

    The Depth Of Your Strength—
    It builds character;Nothing builds our strength like surviving difficulty.Who Could forget the LATE Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar and his life long struggle to a great extent on the various problematic conditions as he had been subjected to deprivations, miseries, humiliations, oppressions and denials in every worthy aspect of human life.But these things only made him more stronger and he all grown up as a person.When you survive something, your internal scoreboard registers it.
    Nothing forces us to leverage what we have, dig deep and come up with every ounce of integrity, patience and strength like a hard time

    What Really Matters In Life–
    Difficult times tend to turn our worlds upside down and anything that is nailed down to the floor will go flying. Most of us spend most of our days worrying about everything but what we should be worrying about. But after a difficult time, we’re less likely to worry as much about the little things and focusing on those unmovable pieces in our life that really matter.
    Indian Software genius changed the way indian software industries works and is perceived by the world.He had a dream but no money to go ahead.Infosys Started by Murthy after borrowing a small amount from his wife .The company had no phone ,car or an independent office.The company was about to collapse in the early years ,but Murthy did not leave and rest is history.What really matters in life how he survived and come out as a winner.
    When we look at our trials as tools to develop and strengthen our soul, or world takes on a completely different shade.Not only are we empowered to overcome our difficulties but we become more than we are because of them. We seem to swallow the difficulty and making the solution part of who we are. Solutions seem to come almost before the difficulty does.

    Unanticipated Hardships are Inevitable and helpful—
    Sometimes life will beat you to the ground and try to keep you there if you let it. But it’s not about how hard life can hit you, it’s about how hard you can be hit while continuing to move forward. That’s what true strength is, and that’s what winning the game of life is all about.When you have a lot to cry and complain about, but you prefer to smile and take a step forward instead, you are growing stronger and building your character.

    How To Be Grateful–
    Difficult times leave us with a lasting impression. They alter us and change the way we view our lives. We have learned who and what matters in our life and undoubtedly we have a greater appreciation for them. Surviving hardship gives us a broader perspective on what hardship really is. You will look back on the things you use to complain about and be thankful they are your only worries. After we have survived a difficult time, we are given a deep gratitude for our life.

    Difficult times will happen. To find the light, we have to go through the darkness and while you’re in the midst of it, try to take a deep breath and remember that the lessons you are learning will shift your view of life.You will learn what matters, who matters, how strong you are and how lucky you are to exist. That’s what difficult times teach us and they are some of the most important lessons we can ever learn.