Interview Transcript Abhinav Dudi

NAME: Abhinav Dudi
Hometown/Homestate: Jodhpur/ Rajasthan
Graduation: B.Tech, IIT Bombay
Hobbies: Reading (Non-fiction), Blogging
Schooling: KOREA distt, Chattisgarh
Optionals: Pub Ad, Physics
Board: Vijay Singh


Date: 12th March, FN Session , 5th One to go in.
Ch: What are you doing right now?
Ch: What are your service preferences in this attempt?
Ch: So u have studied in Korea distt, wasn’t is part of Sarguja disst earlier ?
Ch: Is it a small distt? Do u have any idea about the population of this distt?
Ch: What is the scope of Aerospace Engineering in India?

M1: Since you have given IPS as your second choice so tell me about what do we mean by Police reforms ?
M1: What do u mean by police working at cutting edge level? Do u really think a person who owns a car and a house can be given a lecture on good citizenry by a 10th pass level constable. Y should people listen to him/her?
M1: Is India producing enough no. of Aerospace Engineers in India?
M1: Why still IIT Bombay? Why not IIT Mumbai? Is it possible for the institute to change the name by itself?
M1: Have u ever been part of any protests or agitation?

M2: So u have physics as one of your optional. Tell me the difference between Pressure and Stress.
M2: Is stress a vector quantity?
M2: Why stress is not a vector quantity?

M3: U must have heard that govt. is going to list some of the cooperative banks. Can u tell me the reasons behind such step?
M3: Which is the largest cooperative bank in India? Name few
M3: We see that every family in Delhi has 4-6 cars. What do u think the govt should do to address this problem?
M3: Shouldn’t the govt just restrict the no. of cars and impose the condition of giving a presentation to the authorities before buying a car ? Will it be possible in Indian Cities? What about the automobile Industy?

M4: What do u know about SEZs in Rajasthan?
M4: What do know about Biennial event?
M4: U have lived 4 years in Mumbai. Have u ever visited any Art Gallaries there? (Arbit Qs don’t know where it came from)
M4: Why do think people are more interested in movies and music rather than Art?

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