Interview Transcript Eklavya Kumar

– Eklavya kumar
– 15th march afternoon session,IMG KHAN BOARD B.Tech electrical from NIT Bhopal(3rd attempt,3rd interview)…jobless for last 4 yrs

It was around 4:10pm I guessMe-good evening sirKhan sir-good afternoon…have ur seat plz….khan
sir(KS):so u r frm NIT?me-yes sir..ks-left job in 2009?me-yes sir..ks-then?me-sir i was
preparing for civil services examks-but this is not an occupation..u shud hv
appeared in IES as my aim is to become a civil servant,so i
never thought abt appearing in ies..ks-bt u must hv appeared in sm other competetive
exam..atleast to hv a job…?me-sir i got selected recently in ministry of
railway thru ssc…ks-well…but dnt u think u being an
engineer,shud hv appeared for ies?(stopping in between..)…okk..tell me,what
all services are there in irts,irps….(thinking)ks-and in engineering?me-sir in
electrical engineering?ks-yes,all services…me-sir i am not getting ur question..ks-isn’t there
services for civil engineering
and others?me-sir there is civil,mechanical,and electronics
which plays a vital part in controlling operations…ks-what abt stores?me-i was totally
blank…(what he wants to knw
yaar..!!)ks-can u tell me the total no. of employees in
railways?me-sorry sir i dnt remember..ks-just a guess…me-sir it shud b around 2-3 lakhs..ksits
much more than that… m2-so u r
from bhopal..have u heard of hamaams..ever been there ?me- sir i hv heard of them but
never been therem2-mp is witnessing a high growth in recent
times…why and in which sectors specifically..?me-sir the high growth percentage is mainly
because of low base effect…we have been lagging behind in growth curve fo
quite sm time..but nw we are improving our governance and also creating
opportunities for industrialisation…blaa bla…..sir it is in agriculture that we have been doing
well in recent times…m2-what is the growth % in agriculture?me-dnt knw sir..m2-make a
guessme-sir 8%?m2-is it nt 18%?me-dnt remember sir..m2-where do u see india 10 years
down the lineme-sir there are two scenarios…if we implement
reforms which hv been proposed in different sectors and we get expected
results..bla bla….told him abt financial
indicators..demographic dividend…etc etc.. m3-name few dynasties of mp
me-parmar dynasty-raja bhoj..bla bla..abt his
contribution to art and culture…scindias and holkars of maratha empire…gond
dynasty…m3-tell me abt more earlier chandela rajputs..they built khajuraho
complex of temples..etc etc…m3-which was the capital of gupta empire in
central india..?me-sir it was avanti,which is now known as
ujjain..m3-(with his wicked smile)..u didnt mentioned
its name…and there are many moreme-sorry sir i dnt rememberm3-tell me what gupta age is
known for?me-sir during there rule our art and culture
reached its pinnacle…etc etc..m3-why india never invaded any one?me-sir we were quite
prosperous and rich
economically and culturally…sir earlier in 15th century i think, we were kind
of a economic superpower,accounting for some 26% of world gdp…m3-why did invaders
came to our country?..did
mohammed ghouri came to develop india like narendra modi?..(he started
launghing after finishing this question and others also joined in….it was tea
time,they were having “aloo banda” as well..and my bheja was already
frying with these kind of questions..:-(((…)me-sir they came here to loot and plunder our
resources and for there own self interest…development,if at all was a motive
was only a means to their selfish was for their own welfare,not for
our country and its people…m3-y did alexander came to he wanted to conquer
whole he
thought y leave india…his intentions were more ideological rather than for
any material gains…m3-where was he born?me-sir in ancient greecem3-where in ancient
greece?me-dnt knw sir..m3-WHY WAS ALEXANDER CALLED SIKANDER IN
INDIA?..(m2-haan ek movie bhi aayi thi..sikander-e-azam….aur mukkadar ka
sikander bhi…ha ha ha ha….@#$%&…still having that aloo banda in his
hand..)me-dnt knw sir…m4-who wrote “paradise lost’?(my hobby
reading novels,non-fiction and debating)me-dnt knw sir..m4-name fundamental rights..menamed
them…ended my answer with art
32…where we can enforce our fundamental rights in SC..m4-what is the name of this
right(art 32)?me-didn’t get u sir?m4-what do we call it?…i was still blank…he
told is right to constitutional remedy….me-ohhkkk..thank you sir..m4-name all
writsm4-told himm4-what is literal meaning of haebas corpus?me-bring up the body…he
nodded..m4-quo warranto?me-dnt knw literal meaning..but told its
meaning..m4-no is for mandamus…me-oh yes sir..sorry sir..than explained quo
warranto…m5-what is the frequency of power generated in
indiame-50 hzm5-is it the same everywhere?
me-no sir some countries generate power at 60 hz
as well..m5-only place in india where power is generated
at 60hz?me-dnt knw sir..m5-its sivasamudram project…me-thank you sir..m5-where is this
project?me-sir i dnt remember(bullshit)m5-its in karnataka..then he asked few questions on
traction motor..i
answered all of them comprehensively..told him abt dc series motor..3 phase
induction motor..and there characterisitics..etc etc….m5-in which country,christmas is
celebrated in
summer?me- sir in southern
argentina,chile..countries in southern africa…(dnt knw what got me..i was
answering quite slowly..and meanwhile khan sir intervened….is it not in
australia and newzealand?..i said yes sir….he looked irritated….)khan sir-is christmas
celebrated on same date in
all churches?me-yes sir…but i think those who adhere to
different tenets of christianity,observe ther own auspicious days..(a self
contradictory answer…an oxymoron…:-((..)ks-no no…in russia it is celebrated in
january..and there are other dates as well…ks-if u get IRPS,will u join it?me-yes sir,bcoz i hv
no other better option
available…(whole board laughing….)ks-okk,so have fun,go home,ur interview is
over…good u sir….

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