Interview Transcript Mr. Robin

Board: Reddy Sir
Attitude of members: Cordial
Room Temperature: Cool (No sweating)
Question Areas: 80% biodata
Time: 20-25 minutes
Memory Based Questions: Written key words of my answers.

Reddy Sir: Benefit of doing engineering if you wanted to go in civil services?
I answered it on the lines of scientific temper.
Reddy Sir: Only scientific temper, anything else?
Then I explained relevance of my branch in the district administration.
Reddy Sir: What is the difference between other regional colleges and IIT? Why are they not very good?
I answered it on the lines of autonomy, best faculty, student selected from competitive exam.
Reddy Sir: Why do you have 1 year gap after 12th?
Me: Sir, I did and in 5 years, mine was the dual degree program. So, no gap.
M1: People other than scientists don’t have scientific temper?
I answered it that “no sir, other person can also have scientific temper” then explained what is scientific temper.
M1: Problem of water in Delhi?
I answered it on the lines of “not a problem of scarcity” but of “misuse”. Suggested rationalisation of tarrrifs.

M2(Lady): Again discussed on scientific temper.
I said the same points: “objectivity, no prejudice, discussion and debates”
M2: What will you do to increase scientific awareness in people?
I criticised the electronic media for “bavishya fals” in the morning to the discovery of “god” particle(without making masses aware about the discovery). Then ended with suggesting to use electronic media in a better way by avoiding all this.
M2: Why NCC, what role it could play?
I discussed about moral values declining, transitional society….therefore more importance of NCC to inculcate values and make citizen more responsible. Also suggested to make NCC
M2: Which discovery documentary you have liked the most or remember now?
Me: “I shouldn’t be alive”. I explained about this tv series. Learnt: those who had will to live, they made it through. So, If I have will to do something, I will do it. Watched all 4 seasons of it.

M3: Asked simple questions varying from NAM, Liberalisation, why planning after liberalisation, what is development? what will you do as an IAS officer for a farmer’s-development?, India Energy solutions?
I think I answered all of these question satisfactorily.
M4: Which river flows from the Kanpur? Why is it(Ganga) polluted? What should be done? Why govt. is failing in spite of giving huge money?
Again general answers like concentrating on “local solutions instead of mega plants(apartment based, reuse of water etc, less waste)”, “awareness generation(responsible citizens, more pressure on the govt.)”, “Enforce the laws for industry affluent”, “high pressure of urbanisation”,
“50% population not linked to sewage connection, so how can a mega plant serve the purpose ”
then M4 grilled me: why we are not able enforce laws?
For this I could only think of making people more aware, so that they can put more pressure on the govt. for their rights, so that we do things fastly. I gave the example of Delhi metro to show
that we have the capability. It is just the will to do the task.
Reddy Sir Again: Why you are appearing for so many exams? CPF, IES, APFC?
Me: Sir, I appeared in CPF and IES to test my GS as at that time I just started my preparation. I took APFC with the intention to join it as after preparing for 18 months there was an insecurity, but after passing mains that insecurity has gone away.
Fir Reddy Sir uthe aur mere kandhe par haath rakh kar kaha “Well done, my bouy !!”
(hahahaha, Just Kidding, aisa kabhi hota hai kya?)
I am expecting average marks with this cordial interview. If you have something to suggest then
please comment. Thank you very much for reading.

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