List of Interview Scripts of IAS Toppers

Attention: For IAS Interview 2015 : ForumIAS has compiled a list of 190+ Interview Transcripts of eight  IAS Interview Boards – which are currently serving in UPSC.

This  compilation is of about 300 pages and is available at Flavido Store. Click here to order and get delivery of Important Interview Questions & the answers which aspirants gave.

What is special with this compilation is that it has very selective interview questions – which were asked by those boards which will be interviewing in 2016 ( this year ) – so it is the most updated and most relevant. Click here. The Interview transcropts given below are of those boards which have mostly retired.

UPSC Interview Transcripts

With the aim of aiding the candidates preparing for interview, after spending few hours of googling,can-stock-photo_csp11840370

I found these interview transcripts in few Institute’s websites, blogs of individual person and as a collection in google drive and  The transcripts mentioned/linked below may or may not be available in photocopying and book shops, but are digitally available throughout the World Wide Web in different sites, I just took a little effort to bring it under one place. I don’t claim any copyright of the material, it’s purely and strictly for the candidates who don’t have time to hunt materials. The credit goes to the SOURCE from where I’ve picked up the interview transcripts. Hope THIS POST is useful

Why These Transcripts?

    • These transcripts are just a collection from different candidates, who may or may not have cleared the Final stage.
    • The purpose of these transcripts is to provide individual experience and how they faced the board.
    • In a way, it affects the way candidates are understood, the information they share, and the conclusions drawn.
    • You’ll be able to identify the constraints and opportunities before you when facing the interview board.
    • Though providing transcripts, which is a behind a scene task, the aim is to provide a valuable input that you are looking for that you are hesitant to ask someone.
    • It might help to re-evaluate your approach , and take a look at what really needs to be done.


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