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MAINS 2016 SPECIAL: Important Questions & Answers


UPDATE: We have uploaded the PDF Compilation of the Questions and Answers for Mains Marathon- October. Click here to download.

For August: Click here | September: Click here

Good Luck for Mains 2016 🙂 Make us proud!

Mains Marathon 2016 Questions List – November:

Mains Marathon 2016 Questions List – October:

Mains Marathon 2016 Questions List – September:

Mains Marathon 2016 Questions List – August




The Main Examination is scheduled on December 3, 2016

We are pleased to bring you an elaborate plan for success in Mains 2016. Answer Writing and writing Tests , as you would know is the key to success in the Civil Services Examination.

For the Next 90 days – starting August 22, we will be coming up with two initiatives:

1 > Daily Current Issues Questions

These will be posted between 7 Am – 9 AM everyday. We will be posting upto 5 questions every day – 45 minutes duration

Since the program is focused on Mains 2016 Examination, it will have only those questions which are most relevant for the exam.

The questions will not be only from the days newspaper, but all relevant topics that have been in news in the week.

We will be covering all important Current Affairs from December 2015 till November 20th , 2016   Thus we will have enough questions for GS Paper 2, 3 and 1  We have 25 solid Current Issues Questions relevant to the Mains 2016 Examination.

How is it different from any existing Daily Answer writing Practise you may be doing?

The key here is that we will NOT restrict to current issues of the day or todays newspaper, but all current issues relevant for Paper 2,3 and 1 which are important for Mains 2016.

The idea is to keep the number of questions to a practicable level so that you do not spend a minute more than required on these and have maximum output for Mains Examination.

Please maintain a register for all these answers that you write, and they will be the best revision notes you will ever need.

2 > A Mini Test Series – for GS all 4 Papers with subtopics.

We will be posting a limited syllabus sectional Test Papers every Monday, Thursday and Friday – of 1 hour duration. This will be done at 2PM ( second half ). In the first half, you can write the Current Affairs Mains Questions.

You can practise it online or download the PDF and practise at home. You can then post it on the website for peer review.

A compilation of these will be your best revision notes for the examination.

What you need to do

1. For Daily Current Issues Questions : 45 Minutes a Day Answer Questions.

You will need to commit 45 minutes every day for the Current Affairs Part – It has the highest RoI for the Mains exam keeping in mind last 3 years paper. We will cover every conceivable issue in that. You need to learn how to quickly spin pointwise answers. We will be providing Links for the articles as much as possble , so in case you do not know a topic, you can quickly read on that topic. In case you have not been doing current Affairs or are weak at it, you will need to spend an additional 45 minutes. So your total spend will not exceed 90 minute per day on Current Affairs for GS Paper 3, 2 and 1.  But if you do this, you will be covering entire current affairs that you need for the Mains exam.

2. A Mini Test Series ( FREE) : 1 Hour Tests Followed by Full Tests

The Test Calendar can be downloaded below. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday , we will post a one hour Question Paper based on the syllabus of GS Paper 1, 2, 3 and 4 as per calendar. The first Set of Questions will be released this Monday on 22nd August You can type out the solutions in the comments, or better download the PDF  and click a photo and upload it in the comments.  You can share it with your friends and get it evaluated. or post it online on Portal.

3 Weekly Essay Tests : Every Sunday at 7 AM we will post an essay paper requring you to write 2 Essays as the the Paper of the UPSC. This will be start from 28th August.


The Compilations : The Big questions everyone wants to ask :)

Yes we will be doing Weekly Compilations of Current Affairs Issues with the good answers and points for the answer. This will usually be released after 7 Days. For example this week’s Current Affairs Questions compilations will be released by Sunday – the coming Week. It will be based on the best answers posted by users.

Similarly Answers for the Mini Test Series Questions will be released after 1 week.

To keep yourself updated on this and receive an automated email for the same, please subscribe here. ( If you have already subscribed, please don’t do anything )

For those of you looking for a personal feedback and evaluated Test Series, with a access to telephonic and email support from top ForumIAS Mentors, please visit the Mains Guidance Program 2016.  




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  • Pankaj Yadav

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    Sir you have closed the mains marathon. I need it i am preparing for 2017. It was nice but please continue it.

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    @disqus_iGZ7zViRp5:disqus , sorry for the trouble. We wanted to improve the compilations. We will release the October Compilations today itself.

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    Please start posting answers to many questions that you haven’t answered yet. There are a lot of questions you haven’t answered.

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    Anybody interested in vision IAS test series in English for mains,can contact me at

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  • sarkar417102

    @forumias-c51ce410c124a10e0db5e4b97fc2af39:disqus sirs/madames.. pls come up with the reference material.. its already sunday.. aug 23-27 reference material is also in pipeline. pls note that many of us are religiously following the marathon and banking on it for our preparation..

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    Please help me as I am very anxious regarding this.

    In that case, can I not give mains exam ?

    At what time I need to give certificate mandatorily ?


    @FORUM@forumias-c51ce410c124a10e0db5e4b97fc2af39:disqus , can u please specify whether u are going chronologically or topicwise wrt questions in this initiative. PLEASE RESTART 9PM BRIEF. !

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    Online 15 test 7 sectional and 8 full test are available
    I will give it at 11k
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    You can contact me

  • Pooja 2017

    Would you be posting synopsis of those questions ?

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    One suggestion .. first 2-3 weeks of the test, as one is warming up for answer writing .. it takes more time to frame answers .. look for concepts/news etc .. so ForumIAS should consider that as well. I am not sure if I can write answers in 9 mins now .. may be with time we will bring it down to 6-7 mins as reqd. in the actual exam !

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    @forumias-c51ce410c124a10e0db5e4b97fc2af39:disqus Sir can you please provide the booklist discussed in orientation program. Waiting for it’s video and atleast booklist in not the video. Thanks.

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  • hindolsen gupta

    sir session video of toppers upload kardo

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  • It will be done between 7 AM – 9 AM. The Tests will begin from August 22 – Monday

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    is it 7 am to 9 am or 9 pm?
    7 am to 9 pm is very broad range for posting questions!

    22nd august is monday not friday..

    I thought mains will start on 3rd dec..

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  • For current Affairs, dailyinitiative is running.. 45 minutes each day.

    However, since Paper 2 and Paper 3 is highly current affairs oriented, so current Affairs will be covered.

  • The download link is provided. Read the article full. It is at the top as well as at the bottom

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