Q. Consider the following pairs:
1.BRICS——– Economic collaboration and geopolitical influence
2.Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO)—————– Regional security, economic cooperation, and political stability
3.Group of 20 (G20) ———— International economic cooperation and financial stability
4.East Asia Summit————— Strategic dialogue and cooperation on key regional challenges
How many of the above pairs are correctly matched?

[A] Only one pair

[B] Only two pairs

[C] Only three pairs

[D] All four pairs

Answer: D

Explanation –

  • BRICS aims to enhance economic cooperation among its member countries and has increasing geopolitical influence on global affairs​.
  • The SCO focuses on regional security, promoting economic cooperation, and fostering political stability among its member states​.
  • The G20’s primary focus is on promoting international economic cooperation and ensuring global financial stability.
  • The East Asia Summit aims at strategic dialogue and cooperation on various regional issues, including political, security, and economic challenges​.

Source: AIR