Q. Consider the following statements:
1.Approval from the Ministry of Defence is a requirement for setting up a Greenfield airport in India
2.According to the guidelines, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) should not grant a license for a new greenfield airport if it is within 150 kilometres of an existing civilian airport.
Which of the statement(s) given above is/are correct?

[A] 1 only

[B] 2 only

[C] Both 1 and 2

[D] Neither 1 nor 2

Answer: C

Explanation –

Statements 1 and 2 are correct. The approval process for setting up a Greenfield airport in India involves multiple agencies, including the Ministry of Defence (MoD). The Ministry of Civil Aviation’s Greenfield Airports Policy, 2008, outlines that the proposal for a new airport must go through a two-stage approval process. This includes obtaining ‘Site Clearance’ and ‘In-Principle’ approval. During this process, relevant stakeholders, such as the Ministry of Defence, are consulted to ensure compliance with various regulations and to address any strategic concerns​. The guidelines state that no Greenfield airport would be allowed within an aerial distance of 150 Km of an existing civilian airport. However, if a Greenfield airport is proposed within 150 km of an existing civilian airport, the impact would be examined, and such cases would be decided by the government on a case-by-case basis.

Source: The Hindu