Q. Consider the following statements regarding the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC):
1.Thailand hosts the permanent secretariat of BIMSTEC.
2.It is a grouping of seven South and Southeast Asian countries for multifaceted cooperation.
3.Leadership in the BIMSTEC is rotated in alphabetical order of country names.
How many of the statements given above are correct?

[A] Only one

[B] Only two

[C] All three

[D] None

Answer: B

Explanation –

Statement 1 is incorrect. The permanent secretariat of BIMSTEC is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Statements 2 and 3 are correct. BIMSTEC is an international organization comprising seven member states from South Asia (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka) and Southeast Asia (Myanmar, Thailand). The chairmanship of BIMSTEC is rotated in alphabetical order of the member countries’ names.

Source: AIR