Q. “Infrastructure for Tomarrow” initiative is related to which of the following institution?

[A] Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

[B] Asian Development Bank

[C] World Bank

[D] New Development Bank

Answer: A

Many of us have an in-built desire for a better quality of life. This means accessible physical, digital, commercial, medical, educational and other social infrastructure.  

  • AIIB, its members and clients, work together to finance infrastructure development—turning aspirations into reality. 
  • What our clients build and how and where their investments are built will evolve as infrastructure technologies advance and as people, the economy and the world change.  
  • The way people live, move and work and the way markets develop will shape the Infrastructure for Tomorrow (I4T). 

I4T reflects AIIB’s firm commitment to sustainability: 

  • Environmentally: Addresses ecological impacts like water and air quality, biodiversity, pollution and climate change. 
  • Financially and economically: Projects with sound return on investment that raise economic growth and increase productivity. 
  • Socially: Gives inclusive access, particularly to citizens excluded from access to infrastructure services. 

Source: https://www.aiib.org/en/about-aiib/who-we-are/infrastructure-for-tomorrow/overview/index.html