Q. Which of the following issue/s was/were taken up by “Sri Narayana Guru Dharma Paripalana (SNDP) Yogam”?
1.Right of admission to public schools
2.Recruitment to government services
3.Access to roads and entry to temples
How many of the statements given above are correct?

[A] Only one

[B] Only two

[C] Only three

[D] None

Answer: C

Explanation: A great scholar in Malayalam, Tamil and Sanskrit, Sri Narayana Guru established the Sri Narayana Guru Dharma Paripalana (SNDP) Yogam in 1902.

The SNDP Yogam took up several issues such as (i) right of admission to public schools. (ii) Recruitment for government services. (iii) Access to roads and entry to temples; and (iv) political representation.

Source: NCERT