Q. With reference to tribal uprisings, the “Buddho Bhagat” related to?

[A] Kol uprisings

[B] Pahariya rebellion

[C] Rampa revolt

[D] Theni revolt

Answer: A

Explanation: The Kols, alongwith other tribes, are inhabitants of Chhotanagpur. This covered Ranchi, Singhbhum, Hazaribagh, Palamau and the western parts of Manbhum.

  • The trouble in 1831 started with large-scale transfers of land from Kol headmen to outsiders like Hindu, Sikh and Muslim farmers and moneylenders who were oppressive and demanded heavy taxes.
  • Besides, the British judicial and revenue policies badly affected the traditional social conditions of the Kols.
  • The Kols resented this and in 1831, under the leadership of Buddho Bhagat, the Kol rebels killed or burnt about a thousand outsiders. Only after large-scale military operations could order is restored.

Source: Spectrum