Quick Enrollment Page for ForumIAS Academy

Dear Students, Given the rush for admissions, it may happen that our email system and telephone lines are jammed, there may be a delay in getting a response from ForumIAS.

For this reason, you can use this page to make quick payments to ForumIAS.

Page Link – https://forumias.com/blog/quickpayment

Step 1 : Make a quick payment to ForumIAS by scanning the QR code below or making a payment to the UPI ID as given below

Step 2 : Fill the form given below. You must upload your payment proof in the form below. You must be signed into your google/gmail account to fill this form.


Step 3 : We will call you to confirm your payment and send you your payment confirmation on email within 4-8 working hours.

Step 4 : You can Whatsapp Mr Praveen or Ms Nivedita at 9311740399 or 9311740935 for any support

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