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Why UPSC Prelims Toolkit?

In the past few years, the UPSC Prelims Exam has shown an increasing level of unpredictability in terms of difficulty and question trends. This evolving pattern in the UPSC Prelims exam has necessitated aspirants to shift their focus from mere rote memorization to a new strategy. After analyzing the present challenges faced by candidates, we have come up with the Prelims Toolkit as an effective solution. It is an ultimate pack of 13 booklets covering question bank of 15000+ UPSC prelims practice questions with detailed explanations. In the upcoming sections we have explained, what the Prelims Toolkit is and how it’s going to help aspirants in overcoming the present challenges.

Present Challenges in Preparation of UPSC Prelims Exam

Changing Pattern: UPSC has evolved its question-framing pattern, minimizing the effectiveness of the elimination technique. Adaptation to solving multiple-choice questions (MCQs) without relying solely on elimination is now crucial.

Insufficient PYQ Resources: Most available Previous Year Question (PYQ) books are narrow focused, either solely based on UPSC question papers or indiscriminately including all PYQs, without any consideration for relevance.

Inadequate Practice Material as per present trends: Practice after completing a topic is an integral part of preparation. It helps in retention and boosts confidence of topic completion. Aspirants are facing a challenge in finding the material that can assure holistic practice of topics, based on the present pattern of UPSC.

For example, UPSC emphasizes understanding and applying topics rather than rote learning from books. A blend of basic books like NCERTs and standard ones like Laxmikanth for Polity, and G.C. Leong for Geography is essential for comprehensive coverage.



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What is Prelims Toolkit?

    UPSC Prelims toolkit, an ultimate set of 13 booklets is question bank of 15000+ UPSC prelims practice question with detailed explanations. It includes 6 books of UPSC Prelims PYQ, 6 practice books, 1 book of 15 Mock Test Papers, with the following features.

  • a. It contains accurate and meticulously curated PYQs from 1992 to 2023, organized both subject-wise and topic-wise.
  • b. The toolkit is designed to facilitate your preparation by offering more than 15,000+ practice questions.
  • c. These practice questions are covered across an equal number of topics and micro topics, such that no important area is left behind.
  • d. All the answers are provided with the detailed explanations, which can handle all question related doubts.

Components of Prelims Toolkit

6 PYQs Books consisting of the last 30 years’ topic -wise questions

  • Accurately and meticulously curated PYQs from 1992 to 2023.All MCQs are organized both subject-wise and topic-wise.
  • It includes all the relevant PYQs from CDS, CAPF, and State PCS examinations to enrich the preparation spectrum.
  • A detailed explanation of every question with important tips for additional understanding

6 Practice Books consisting of 7500+ Questions/p>

  • Question bank of 7500+ Practice MCQs catering to both beginners and seasoned aspirants.
  • All the questions are based on the updated pattern of UPSC Prelims 2023, to cater to the present needs of candidates.
  • These practice books cover all the relevant NCERTs and Standard books like Geography by G.C. Leong, Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh, and Indian Polity by M. Laxmikanth.
  • Explanations are well curated and sufficient to understand the topics.

1 Book consisting of 15 full-length tests

  • It contains 15 full length question papers. The subject division of each paper has been matched with the UPSC Questions Paper’s subject weightage, on the pattern of the last 10 years.
  • These question papers are strictly kept at the real UPSC question paper’s difficulty level, to give you the feeling of UPSC paper.
  • This comprehensive coverage ensures the overall 360 degree preparation for the upcoming examination.