Its Final: CSAT Made Qualifying, Marks not be added for Prelims Cut Off

The Govt’s Press Information Bureau Release had directed the Union Public Service Commission to make the CSAT paper qualifying in nature.

This had created a lot of confusion because of the wordings of the press release, as well as Interpretation of the words “qualifying.”

Then the UPSC also came with a release saying their official notification which was supposed to be released on May 16, would be delayed.

However, according to an official memo, a copy of which has been posted by a ForumIAS user and is attached below, the changes as dictated by the Government to Union Public Service Commission have been accepted by the Commission.

  • CSAT Paper is qualifying, officially. Its marks will not be added in Prelims Cut Off
  • Candidates have to score a minimum qualifying marks of 33% in CSAT to clear Prelims.
  • Number of posts for 2015: 1129
  • Expected Date of Notification: 23 May , 2015

CSAT is Qualifying: Official Summary

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No Model Answers exist for CS Mains Questions, says UPSC


UPSC in an RTI reply has clarified that  no model answers are used for correction of Mains answer sheets. 

An RTI was filed owing to delay in results of CSE Mains 2014 due the issue of quashing of Jat Reservation by Supreme Court,  to bring forth some clarity on the issue from Union Public Service Commission.

The RTI asked two questions:-

  • Whether Jats were treated as General candidates from Prelims stage or Mains stage.
  • Whether any model answers exist for copy checkers for CS Mains?

UPSC replied:-

  • As a consequence of the judgement , UPSC treated community students as General candidates for both Prelims and Mains. 
  • No model answers exist for CS Mains Examination, and hence it cannot provide any.

View RTI Application below & Reply below:-

RTI Application


RTI Reply from UPSC




The Union Public Service Commission had deferred results of the Civil services mains examination due to the Supreme Court verdict scrapping Jat reservation.

The UPSC  sought DoPT’s view on whether to withdraw reservation benefits to Jat community students. The DoPT told UPSC to go with the SC order and decide for itself on what needs to be done. After which , the results were published on April 12 , 2015.



Question 1

Two cyclists start cycling around a circular track of 400m. The speed of first cyclist is 3 km/hr and the second cyclist is 6 km/hr. In how much time the second cyclist will meet the first cyclist again after the start?

(A) 4 minutes

(B) 6 minutes

(C) 8 minutes

(D) 10 minutes

Question 2

The weight of a watermelon is 3000 gm. The watermelon has 98% of its weight as water. After keeping it in sun for sometime it turns out that only 96% of its weight is water. What is the new weight of watermelon?

(A) 1500 gm

(B) 2400 gm

(C) 2720 gm

(D) 2940 gm

Question 3

Kiran sells a book to Tarun at a profit of 50%. Tarun sells it to Charan at a profit of 20%. If Charan paid Tarun Rs. 360, what was the original price at which Kiran bought the book?

(A) 150

(B) 200

(C) 240

(D) 270

Question 4

Rowing against the river current, a man travels 15 kms upstream in 6 hours. From there he travels downstream for another 6 hours but covers a distance of 33 kms. What is the speed of the river current?

(A) 1 kmph

(B) 1.5 kmph

(C) 2.5 kmph

(D) 5 kmph

Question 5

How many numbers are there between 500 and 700 such that the numbers contain only one six?

(A) 98

(B) 101

(C) 99

(D) 100

N.B. Please note that the official timings for publication of these questions is 11 am daily.


1. (D) 2. (C) 3. (B) 4. (B) 5. (A)

1. Ground Floor: Nobody; 1st Floor and 2nd Floor: Marathi and Punjabi (not necessarily in that order). 3rd Floor: Tamilian. 4th Floor: Gujarati. 5th Floor: Bengali. 6th Floor: Keralite

2. The batting order will be: A/G,G/A,B, ,C, ,I,D,E,K,F. So, H and J occupy the fourth and sixth positions (but not necessarily in that order). In any scenario, there is only one person between them.

3. The batting order will be: A/G,G/A,I,D,C,B,J,E,H,K,F.

4. The batting order will be: A/G,G/A,B/H,H/B,C,I,D,J,E,K,F.

5. The batting order will be: A/G,G/A,B,H,C,I,D,E,K,J,F.


Newspaper Must Read Articles of The Day– 18 May 2015

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  • Learning skills from Seoul – India and South Korea need to take bold steps for a deeper partnership. India can study the Korean experience of rapid skill development, writes Skand Tayal.

Indian Express

Editorials & Columns

  • Frankly, Beijing – PM’s visit to China marked a reset in ties — less soaring rhetoric, more pragmatic engagement, opines the editorial.
  • Featherweight issue – On SC verdict on Gandhi abuse case: The courts have underestimated Gandhi’s power to bear adversity.


  • Saving agriculture from weather woes – The agriculture sector continues to be at risk from climate variability, be it drought or excessive rainfall, writes Divya Pandey & Avinash Kishore.