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The 10 PM Daily Quiz – 16 may, 2016

Hi Friends, Starting Monday, March 28, 2016 We are taking up a new initiatives for Prelims 2016 . We will be posting a 7-10 Questions Quiz based on 9 PM Brief, on a daily basis. The purpose of these is to enable practise on a daily level for you to prepare Current Affairs for Civil Services PrelimsRead Full Article

9 PM Daily Brief – 16 May 2016

Brief of newspaper articles for the day bearing relevance to Civil Services preparation What is 9 PM brief? GS PAPER 1 Remnants of El Nino holding up monsoon {Geography} GS PAPER 2 U.S. sanctions still block Iran payments {Foreign Policy} Foreign firms can now fund parties {Bills and Laws} A blow against free speech {Polity}Read Full Article

Editorial Today – Right to Information

Issue Amendment to RTI act History Its founding members included social activists, journalists, lawyers, professionals, retired civil servants and academics. What is RTI? It is a law that empowers every citizen to seek replies from the public-funded organisations. What comes under its purview? Citizens can ask for anything that the government can disclose to Parliament.Read Full Article

[Solution] – The 10 PM Daily Quiz – 14th May, 2016

We posted 7 questions in 10 PM Daily Quiz on 14th May, 2016. Thanks for the amazing response. These questions will help you polish concepts based on current affairs. In case you have not attempted them, please attempt them by clicking below. 10 PM Daily Quiz – 14th May, 2016 Q.1) Consider the following statementsRead Full Article

Monday Polity Quiz #8

Q.1) Consider the following statements: 1. The speaker of the Lok Sabha has the power to adjourn the House sine die but, on prorogation, it is only the President who can summon the House. 2. The Speaker of the Lok Sabha continues in office even after the dissolution of the House and until ‘immediately before theRead Full Article

[Solution] – Saturday CSAT Quiz #7

Q.1) In a place, it is predicted in a newspaper that sun will rise at 6’0 clock on some day in a big city having lots of mountains. How is that possible? Sun rises at different places at different time. It rises at different time in east of India and at different time in west of India. ThisRead Full Article

Newspaper Must Read Articles of the Day – 16 May, 2016

Newspaper articles bearing relevance to Civil Services preparation  The Hindu  National U.S. sanctions still block Iran payments {Foreign Policy – Paper II} India successfully test-fires advanced interceptor missile {Science and Tech – Paper III} Remnants of El Nino holding up monsoon {Geography – Paper I} Foreign firms can now fund parties {Bills and Laws – Paper II} HologramRead Full Article