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Interview with IAS-2014 RANK 9: Ashish Kumar

Hi Everyone, I have been associated with ForumIAS for the past two years. This year I have secured an  All India Rank of 9.  I would like to share my story with my friends, colleagues and members on and of ForumIAS. Why the Civil Services? I got inclined towards Civil Services just because it is differentRead Full Article

Must read articles of the day – August 26

National ‘Move to replace MCI, a remedy worse than malady’ : MCI is facing the flake due to allegation of corruption and misgovernance. Now president of the Medical Council of India is under the scanner for corruption and currently being monitored by a three-member committee mandated by the Supreme Court. Centre seeks clarification on another DelhiRead Full Article

Mains Marathon : Current Affairs Questions – August 26

Read the following questions and answer them in your own words in not more than 200 words: Time: 45 Minutes 1. Fat tax introduced by Kerala, is not comprehensive in nature because of exclusion of equally unhealthy Indian street food. It is also said to be not in coehrence with international trade agreements under WTO. DiscussRead Full Article