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Cloud Seeding : Impact and Examples Cloud Seeding : Impact and Examples

Introduction • Cloud Seeding is a process to induce rain in moisture-filled clouds by sprinkling the upper reaches of clouds with chemicals such as common salt or silver iodide, usually with the help of jets fixed to airplanes. • Usually, rain occurs when moisture content in a cloud becomes too heavy and can no longerRead Full Article

Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act : Need and Criticism

The Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act was enacted in 1958 to bring under control what the government of India considered ‘disturbed’ areas. How could a region be declared as ‘disturbed’? Section (3) of the AFSPA Act empowers the governor of the state or Union territory to issue an official notification on The Gazette of India, followingRead Full Article

Scramjet Engine : Significance

Significance of Scramjet Engine Background Oxygen is as essential for the process of combustion as it is for the sustenance of life. Therefore a rocket, during its launch, needs to combine a combustion fuel with liquid oxygen to create the thrust needed for the take-off and flight. However, if the need for liquid oxygen isRead Full Article

Must Read News Articles – December 18 Must Read News Articles – December 18

Archives Front Page / NATIONAL In surprise move, Lt. Gen. Bipin Rawat appointed next Army Chief: In a surprise move, the government on Saturday announced Lt Gen Bipin Rawat as the next Chief of Army Staff. Air Marshal B.S. Dhanoa, presently the Vice Chief of Indian Air Force (IAF) has been appointed the next Air Chief. J&KRead Full Article

Challenges and Solution : Pulses production in India Challenges and Solution : Pulses production in India

Introduction Pulses occupy a unique place in India’s nutritional food security as they are a major source of proteins. India is the largest producer, consumer and importer of pulses. However, there is a gap between potential and actual yield of pulses in India. The slow growth in pulses production is due to low growth inRead Full Article