Must Read News Articles – November 30



The Hindu

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Amid disruptions & uproar, Bill to tax deposits passed in Lok Sabha: In the midst of disruptions and adjournments, the Lok Sabha on Tuesday passed a Bill that seeks to tax money deposited in bank accounts post demonetisation.

Son has no legal right in parents’ house, can stay at their mercy: HC: Merely because the parents have allowed their son to live in the house when their relations were cordial does not mean they have to bear his burden throughout life, the Delhi High Court has said.

Industries should use recycled groundwater: The Water Ministry is planning amendments to a Bill on groundwater management that will impose restrictions on how companies, farmers and various groups can use groundwater. Industries can only use recycled water, and activities such as gardening would require the use of treated sewage water.

Even nil vacancies won’t cut backlog: Report: A study ordered by the Supreme Court shows that more judges in the High Courts, or even filling all the vacancies in them, does not necessarily end pendency.

SC agrees to hear co-op banks’ plea: The Supreme Court on Tuesday agreed to hear a petition filed jointly by seven district co-operative banks from Kerala claiming demonetisation policy is well on its way to cripple the entire co-operative sector banking in rural, agrarian societies across the country.


Mini-nukes pose a big threat: ‘Proliferation of small nuclear weapons increases the likelihood of use in a conflict scenario’.


Dashed expectations: While demonetisation can result in lower interest rates over the long run, there are good reasons to not expect lending rates to fall quickly.

A last chance for amnesty: The amendments to the Income Tax law passed by the Lok Sabha now offer those with unaccounted cash a last shot at amnesty.

Securing a cashless society: With the current cash flow deficit, people are being forced to make digital payments. Without proper precautions and security policies, the highly reactive nature of cyber security leaves us vulnerable to cyber attacks.


AIIB driven by projects and not politics: India is an influential member of the AIIB as it has the second-largest voting share and percentage of shares.

Fitch lowers GDP forecast to 6.9% post cash crunch: The cash crunch caused by demonetisation and its impact on consumers and farmers could result in the Indian economy’s growth slowing down to 6.9 per cent this financial year, Fitch Ratings said.

Science and Technology

Australia’s Great Barrief Reef sees largest coral die-off ever: Abnormal environmental conditions cause coral to expel algae and lose color.

ISRO drones help map disasters in north-east: The Shillong-based North-Eastern Space Applications Centre (NE-SAC) of the Indian Space Research Organisation has tested unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to assess several regional problems, ranging from measuring diseased paddy fields to damage caused by frequent landslides, according to the space agency.

Indian Express

Bitter pills: Indian pharma industry must put its own house in order. It must be monitored stringently.

Live Mint

Long road to gender equality in India: Gender budgeting has helped but women need more economic freedom and better access to public goods.



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