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Be a part of 3000+ ForumIAS Alumni who serve the Nation Today.



Ever since we began our journey in January 2012, we have proudly produced over 3000+ officers in the

  • Indian Administrative Service,
  • Indian Police Service,
  • Indian Foreign Service
  • Indian Forest Service,
  • Indian Revenue Service
  • Other Allied Services.

They serve the Nation through offices located in remote areas to India’s missions abroad in their roles as IAS and Indian Foreign Services.

We produce Rank 1.

ForumIAS boasts of producing two IAS Rank 1s

  • Gaurav Agrawal ( Rank 1, 2013) and IIT, IIM and ForumIAS Alumni and,
  • Ira Singhal ( IAS Rank 1, 2014 )

We knew them as @crazyphoton and @dottydorothy before they became a National Hero

The First Selections from ForumIAS

The first selection in the services from ForumIAS are as follows

  • Dr. Shaleen, IAS ( Haryana Cadre ) – IAS Rank 81Click here to view ForumIAs profile
  • Shri Rajkumar M , IFS – He was , and is still and active ForumIAS Moderator
  • Dr. Arjun Deore, Indian Foreign Service. Now posted as third Secretary, Brazil.
  • Jagmohan Meena, Indian Police Service ( Odisha Cadre) and a very active ForumIAS moderator.

They all used ForumIAS extensively

Officers who contributed heavily to ForumIAS

  • Gaurav Agrawal, IAS Rank 1, in his role as an active contributor
  • Anunaya Jha, IAS, Rank 57, as an active moderator and contributor. Popularly known as Neanderthal
  • Jagmohan Meena, IPS, as an active moderator in 2012. Popular name : robinolds
  • Devranjan Mishra, Indian Revenue Service, who designed the logo for ForumIAS in 2013
  • Lingraj Panda, IAS who almost co-founded ForumIAS in 2012.
  • Swati Malhotra, IRS, a very popular moderator on with her specialisation in Public Administration
  • Siddhartha Baraily, Indian Trade Service, and as active contributor and moderator of the community.
  • Narendra Shah, IAS, Rank 87, through his contributions in Sociology in particular


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