An Open Letter to Friends who did not Clear the Mains – by Poonam Dahiya IRS

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An Open Letter to Friends who did not Clear the Mains – by Poonam Dahiya IRS



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  • Rishi Mali

    thank you madam…..

  • Hitesh Sharma

    Thanks for the much needed inspiration. 🙂

  • Manju Bala

    You are such an inspiration Ma’am

  • ForumIAS

    True that.

  • Platotle

    Thanks a lot Mam …. Life is indeed much much more than UPSC and being an IAS … one should take this exam and carrier in this context and stop criticizing oneself over failures or even looking too much into success … m going to keep this i mind

  • Aspirant-upsc

    Thank u mam and forumias,
    Tht was really motivating.
    Beautiful article.

  • Thanks for sharing ..

  • Dhruv Dahiya

    Thanks Mam. Very inspirational. It amazes me that even though most aspirants are busy enjoying after clearing UPSC, you took out the time to help future aspirants. Your book on- Ancient and Medieval History is truly a one stop solution for aspirants like me who never felt confident in history.

  • Lokmanya

    Thank you very much
    just ended one battle , but not war.

  • gaurav vats

    Hi Forum..I have been a regular but silent visitor of Forum…I wrote Mains this year with PSIR as optional..this was my second attempt and I failed yet again …Would like to have your guidance…Kindly do let me know if I could meet you people and have a discussion regarding my mistakes and need for improvement ….

  • You are so True Mam, Thank you for your kind words.Gave me Streangth to move forward.

  • Amareek

    Thanks Mam..

  • ForumIAS

    Yup. True.

  • ForumIAS

    Yes, Loaded.

  • ForumIAS

    True. Take the best out of every story 🙂

  • ForumIAS



    Nice and motivating Mam 🙂


    Dost aye hindi movie nahi hai to have a happy ending hehehehe. Real life may not always be fair enough. Take the best from what she told. Never give up and be positive. there is lot in this life.

  • ForumIAS


  • ForumIAS


  • ForumIAS


  • ForumIAS


  • Dr_Strange

    Thnx. For sharing your experience , inspiring.

  • Flyer

    Dude that’s what she’s trying to say in the whole article. I guess you lost the plot. Your definition of failure cannot be compared to others and her failure to yours or to others you have mentioned. Point is how and why not let failure overwhelm you. It’s not an article on how to ace UPSC in last attempt.

  • AMAR

    Without study just before mains I gave Ignou paper n got 75/100, but after preparing for last 2 years, failed in this mains exam.Hurted a lot.

  • ForumIAS


  • Ripple_Effect

    With due respect mam, (not to anyway denigrate your achievements or your post). Please don’t kill me 😛
    You were able to qualify for railways in the first attempt itself. Your idea of success was to get into elite post of IAS, IPS or IFS.
    But for many people, they don’t have any backup jobs .They have given multiple no. of attempts without getting a rank. Their failure in mains is way bigger than your definition failure. Your failure seems more like a ‘first world problem’ compared to failure of the people I’m mentioning 😀

    Frankly speaking, I was expecting a story where someone was able to qualify for IAS in the last attempt.

  • Ravi

    Excellent patients.

  • mehnati

    Thank you mam..That was really motivating….We have overburdened our life and have made this exam as exam of life and death..But life is really bigger than this exam and also it is not the only exam which can decide our caliber and capabilities.. what we can do is to work hard rest leave it to the almighty…Taking too much pain have made us demotivated and remorseful….Sometime you win sometimes you learn…Stay motivated and positive..You will surely cherish this phase later in life…I firmly believe that only we can give pain to ourself…If you decide not to give pain to your body then no exam or nobody can hurt you or pain you..Good luck

  • Shailu


    though in my imaginations I was expecting a decent rank but couldnt clear mains… i was like chill.. theek h just an exam… then saw this post in my gmail.. thought u will inspire..
    but ye jo last line h na

    लम्बी है ग़म की शाम
    मगर शाम तो है |

    isme na shaam se jayada importance gum ko de di aapne…

    koi gumm itna bada nahi hua ki ki shaam ko sirf shaam bana de..

    hope u r living to fullest…

    PS: I know certain people who are in services just by luck.. We can discredit individuals but certainly not UPSC as an instituion..

  • Renju

    Truly Inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences…

  • thevagabond85

    “IF you can meet with Triumph and Disaster and treat those two impostors just the same,”

  • Across


  • Rajan

    Thanks. Really consoling.

  • IndianSuperhero

    thank you so much for this motivating Journey…:)