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Announcement : Weekly Prizes – Mains Marathon 2017, Jan 9-14

Good Morning Friends,

Results have come 🙂

We have come up with the Weekly Winners of Mains Marathon Answer Writing practice from Jan 2-7. While coming up with the winners list, we have given priority to: consistency, answer quality and participation. 

The winners/top contributors are gifted ONE UPSC Answer Writing Notebook 🙂 for FREE! The winners are shortlisted from the Mains Marathon Initiative, that includes the Essay Test as well.

The Winners are:


For those who could not win, please don’t feel bad. There may be a bigger prize waiting for you from UPSC 😉

We have sent an email to the winners. Kindly check your mails and reply.

Give your valuable feedback on Mains Marathon 2017 and Essay Initiative in the comment section below. We take them seriously ?

Congratulations to the winners!

Note: There is no Must Read Newspaper for today, as The Hindu didn’t publish the paper.


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