Answered: Discuss Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy on integral yoga.

Integral Yoga is the method or practice, in Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy, by which the development of the inner-self can be achieved and a consciousness higher than mental – a spiritual or supramental consciousness can be evolved.

Sri Aurobindo taught that all beings are united in One Self and Spirit but divided by the mental consciousness, an ignorance of their true Self and Reality. He asserted that the Spirit manifests itself in this world through the process of “Involution”, whereby it loses its true identity and assumes the identity of Matter, or the things of the material world. It is possible to remove this veil of separative consciousness by following a certain discipline, of which his Yoga is an integral part.

Sri Aurobindo advocates three types of beings: Outer, Inner and Psychic Being (an evolving soul or the manifestation of Divine in every individual). He says that the Psychic Being must be discovered and its “Evolution” should be focused upon, so that it can realize Supramental consciousness and transform the Outer Being (individual thought, vitality, and behaviour) – transformation from the inside out.

Sri Aurobindo advocates a program called sapta chatushtaya (seven quadrates) to aid and accelerate this evolution. The practice of Integral Yoga does not involve physical asanas as in conventional Yoga. It is more psychological, and focuses on internal reflection, self analysis and correction. This would result in a social transformation as well.


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