[Answered] Discuss the recommendations of the Lodha Committee on BCCI. How far will its recommendations help bring ethics into sports ?

The Supreme Court appointed a 3-member panel; headed by Justice Lodha to look into matters of BCCI. The committee has made several recommendations which are highlighted below:

Major recommendations of Lodha committee:

  • Restructuring BCCI to run it like CEO headed organization, BCCI office bearer can’t be a minister or government servant, cap on age (70yrs) & tenure(3 yr term with max 3 terms)
  • Each state to be represented by one body which would be given one vote. Also members of North East would get representation
  • Bring BCCI under RTI
  • Institution of ethics officer to resolving issues related to conflict of interest, ombudsman and electoral officer to conduct board elections
  • Legalizing betting, monitoring grants provided to BCCI (by CAG nominee) as well as state associations.
  • The committee suggested a cumulative period of nine years as the maximum term for any office-bearer
  • No office-bearer should be allowed to contest any post in subsequent elections.

Will it help in bringing ETHICS INTO SPORTS?

  • In the wake of recent IPL match fixing reports, it became imperative to bring cricket under scrutiny of the state.
  • Although this was resented by BCCI and other sports governing bodies; who called it a dent to their autonomy.
  • The Court is right in saying that cricket is a “public good” and it involves large number of people who are attached with the sport. So, there is nothing wrong in bringing a little improvement in the way the sport is governed.
  • This will set an example for the other Sports bodies as well who can bring about changes in their administration
  • Ultimately, we can expect that it will help in introducing ethics in sports, without influencing the prestige of the game
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