[Answered].“Fidayeen warfare is, in fact, a sideshow, militarily ineffective and strategically marginal to the jihadist insurgency in Kashmir.” Examine. (GS 2)

A fidayeen is defined as a person or a group willing to sacrifice themselves(getting killed and just killing) for a cause while jihad is the struggle on way to god.Fidayeen attacks have been a strong weapon in the hands of terrorists to destabilise Kashmir and keep it in a state of political flux to fuel their separatist agendas.


The fidayeen war that began in 1999, soon after the end of the Kargil war has been in high phases in 2002-2003, for instance: attack on Red fort. Though it had less actual impact, it has now again the cult of Fidayeen has seared with the Uri attack.


It is a sideshow as itsabout dying, not killing and creating the hysteria and a feeling of insecurity to the people through ever increasing terror. It is is militarily ineffective because the attacker is not a trained personnel and tactically unsound.Fidayeen attacks are only a marginal share of jihadist insurgency.


On the other hand jihadist insurgents are fueled by the fuelled by the feeling of separatism as mainly fighting for a separate/Azadi Kashmir. Increasing insurgency is reported in spite of counter-terrorism strategies as COIN as there is rise in the youth joining the military. The issue of J&K is not just political but one having fundamentals in radical Islam.


Though fidayeen war is militarily ineffective and strategically marginal the correct response to it could be designed by strengthening our ability to act on intelligence, better training of security personnel and ensuring socio-economic development in the state. This would minimize attacks as Uri and minimize loss of lives of Indian security personnel.


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