Mains Marathon

Answered: Mains Marathon – UPSC Mains Current Affairs Questions – Feb 22

Following are the Suggested Answers for Mains Marathon, Feb 22:

1.The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has introduced many schemes to solve the problem of bad loans in India. Mention few schemes introduced by RBI. (GS 3)

भारतीय रिजर्व बैंक (आरबीआई) ने भारत में खराप ऋण की समस्या को हल करने के लिए कई योजनाएं शुरू की है। भारतीय रिजर्व बैंक द्वारा शुरू की गई कुछ योजनाओं का उल्लेख करें।

Live Mint


  • Reports show that total chunk of problematic loans in the Indian banking sector, at this stage, is around Rs 20 lakh crore.Bad Loans May Surge To Above 10% By March 2018, Cautions RBI.
  • In this light there have been many measures taken by RBI overtime.They are:
    • Focuses first on getting banks to recognise true extent of problems under ongoing Asset quality review.
    • Seeks to provide flexibility for banks to restructure debt through several initiatives
      • Making it easier to sell off stressed assets for banks and financial institutions
      • Creation of a Joint Lenders Forum (JLF) to ease decision-making by creditors;
    • Implementation of the Scheme for Sustainable Structuring of Stressed Assets (S4A) to make debt recast easier
      • The banks are being allowed to convert up to half the loans of corporations into equity or equity-like securities.
      • Any project which has commenced commercial operations and has an overall exposure of more than Rs.500 crore, including unpaid interest, can be brought to this platform, provided the bankers are convinced that the project can service the debt in the longer run.
    • Strategic debt restructuring (SDR) to help banks convert part of the defaulted loan into equity
    • Allowing banks to extend repayments of loans in long-term infrastructure projects to 25 years from 15 years, with ability to refinance every five years under “5/25 scheme”
    • proposed setting up “bad bank”-type institutions to deal with the $133 billion in stressed assets accumulated by Indian banks after years of reckless lending.
    • Setting up of Bank Board Bureauand idea of Public Sector Asset Rehabilitation Agency (PARA) is step in right direction.

2.Why is Russia interested in including Taliban vis-à-vis peace in Afghanistan? How can India engage strategically? (GS 2)

रूस क्यों अफगानिस्तान में तालिबान के सहित शांति में रुचि रखता है? भारत कैसे रणनीतिक रूप से संलग्न कर सकता हैं?

Indian Express



  • With withdrawal of US forces the role of regional powers like Russia,China and India has increased.
  • In finding the solution to the war torn Afghanistan Russia is trying to include Taliban in the process because of the following reasons:-
    • Terrorism:
      • Islamic state has been gaining some stronghold in Afghanistan .To counter the IS, Russia wants to confer international legitimacy on the Taliban;In pursuit of this it has warmed up to Pakistan .
      • Russia fears that Afghanistan may become another safe haven for the so-called “Islamic State” (IS) militant group after Iraq and Syria. Experts say Moscow wants to make sure that doesn’t happen in close proximity to Central Asia.
      • The Taliban fighters and IS jihadists have been engaged in skirmishes across Afghanistan for the past two years. Both groups are seeking dominance in the country.
    • US:
      • Russia also wants to use the Taliban to increase pressure on Washington.such support will really just weaken the current elected government of Afghanistan, and its U.S. supporters, and give Russia a new client in the region.
    • Taliban:
      • Taliban holds significant portion of the west part of country therefore it should be a part of solution.
    • Most Taliban leaders are in mid 40s and 50s who fought during Russian Invasion in 1979 therefore it is natural to include them in political process like recent inclusion of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar.

How can India engage:

  • India made a successful step by convincing Moscow to involve India in the Afghanistan peace process which did not happen earlier.
  • To maintain contacts with all groups in the Afghan political process. Including US and China in the dialogue progress for common consensus.
  • Development process:
    • India has had the most effective economic cooperation programme, having spent more than $2 billion and committed another billion dollars earlier in 2016 .India should continue this .
  • Emphasising on UN definition of terrorism and push countries to ratify the convention in terrorism .
  • Pressurise Pakistan to handle this issue responsibly and not heed to the groups which adversely affect public..

3.“Success is not a good teacher, failure makes you humble.” Do you agree? (GS 4)

सफलता एक अच्छा शिक्षक नहीं है, असफलता आपको विनम्र बनाता है।

  • The saying” failure is the stepping stone for success ” is very apt in this context..In fact, failure is life’s great teacher; it’s nature is that it chips away at all the excess, stripping down egos as it molds and shapes people through divine intentions.
  • Without failure,people would be less capable of compassion, empathy, kindness, and great achievement.People would be less likely to reach for the moon and the stars.
  • Most successful people in life have failed multiple times for example J.K.Rowling has undergone personal and financial crisis,Steve Jobs was thrown out of his own company.
  • Important lesson gained from failure is experience.It helps us to develop a deeper understanding for life.
  • Failure brings with it important firsthand knowledge. That knowledge can be harnessed in the future to overcome that very failure that inflicted so much pain in the first place.
  • Failing in life helps to build resilience. The more people fail, the more resilient they become.
  • When people fail, they grow and mature as human beings.
  • One of the biggest lessons that people can learn from life’s failures is the necessity to create and spread an exceedingly high amount of value. In fact, value lies at the heart of success and a lack of value is a fundamental pillar to failure.
  • Repetitive success, which is an odd coincident, can make us arrogant, over-confident and leave less space for self-improvement.
  • So if one can wisely learn from failures it is the best teacher one can get .


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