[Answered] What do you understand by the following terms in the context of public service: (i) Accountability (ii) Perseverance. (iii) Empathy. (iv) Commitment. Justify your answer with examples.

Accountability: Accountability in the context of public service means being answerable  to public for any decision, act or omission. i.e. public scrutiny.It is is necessary to ensure objectivity in decision making and ensure trust and faith of the citizens in public office. Thus, accountability is an essential component which can bridge the gap between governance and governance. For instance a clear example of accountability shown by public servant, is when VikramSarabai accepted the failure of ISRO first mission without actually putting it on the mission head (APJ Abdul Kalam). It also includes accountability to public funds, accountability to rule of law etc.

Perseverance:Perseverance is not giving up. It is the ability of public servant on doing the task at hand in spite of any difficulties faced. For instance in the recent demonitisation drive it was the perseverance of the banking personnel that the drive could be taken forward. Similarly, it was the perseverance of Mahatma Gandhi and other freedom fighters that helped India achieve independence.


Empathy: Empathy refers is the ability of a personto understand others view points and show concern for the emotion of others. Empathy helps public officials design and execute projects by understanding its implications from the perspective of the vulnerable section. For instance, Armstrong Pane, IAS officer built a100km road in Manipur without government support to help the residents access health facilities is an exemplary example of empathy.

Commitment:Commitment is the dedication and passion towards a particular task. It helps to achieve goals and not deviating for them. A recent example of a lady IPS officer, during patrolling at midnight shows her commitment for the task given.

PS: An example mentioning all the above qualities: Taking example of an administrator posted in backward tribal area. His work regarding executing policies made for upliftment of tribals is open for scrutiny and he is answerable on any lapse or leakage in funds, hence ACCOUNTABLE. Sometimes, customs of some tribes prevent them from taking vaccination and they can become adamant for not taking vaccines. Here, he needs to PERSEVERE in order to explain it’s necessity. Suppose an industry has to be constructed. He should show EMPATHY for tribals by including their concerns in decisions such as land acquisition. Public service requires selfless dedication in field of public welfare and hence he should be COMMITTED for welfare of Tribals in order to succeed.


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