FIN ( Facts in News)

Facts in News (FIN) : February 16 – February 29

Hello Everyone, Thank you all for your amazing response to our initiative named Facts in News (FIN). Your responses help us to perform better by everyday. As promised, we have compiled facts which were in news between February 16 – February 29. We have comprehensively covered the facts so that it would be beneficial to UPSC  IAS Civil Services exam as well as other exams like State PCS, SSC etc.

Write your views in comment section, and it will help us to prepare better with time.

[Facts in News]

Bills, Programs, Policies, Schemes, Orders, Judgements
Section 3(d) of India’s Patent Act
  • Prevents evergreening of drug Patent.
  • Evergreening is done through minor modification of existing drug.
  • In news because government is about to announce its National Intellectual Property Right (IPR) Policy.
Swachh Paryatan Mobile App
  • Application to keep tourist places clean.
  • Launched by Tourism Ministry.
Aquifer Mapping
  • Scientific mapping of aquifer to assess groundwater situation.
  • Haryana would the first state to do this.
Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) and Self Employment and Talent Utilisation (SETU)
  • Approval for establishment of AIM and (SETU) in NITI Aayog.
  • Establishment of AIM and AIM Directorate would result in implementation of Mission activities in a focused manner.
  • The headquarter of the Mission will be New Delhi.
Election Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2016
  • To grant voting rights to people who became citizens of India following the exchange of enclaves between India and Bangladesh.
  • Passed by Lok Sabha.
5/20 RULE
  • A rule in National Civil Aviation Policy made by Union Ministry of Civil Aviation, requires an airline to have 5 years of domestic flying experience and at least 20 aircrafts before it can fly to overseas destinations
Swachh Bharat ranking 2015
  • Mysuru retains the top position, Damoh (Madhya Pradesh) came at the bottom of 476
  • List releases by Ministry of Urban Development.
  • These rankings are based on the extent of open defecation and solid waste management practices in these cities


National & International Events
Satellite centre for ASEAN
  • ISRO will set up it in Vietnam.
  • As part of Space Cooperation between India and Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).
IBSAMAR (India Brazil South Africa Maritime) 2016
  • Trilateral naval exercise between India, Brazil and South Africa.
  • First time it is being held in India.
Asia Ministerial conference on Tiger Conservation
  • Will be hosted by India.
  • It will be the 3rd such conference.
International fund for agricultural development
  • Established in 1977 as the 13th Specialized Agency of the United Nations.
  • India is a founder member.
  • Dinesh Sharma has been unanimously elected as the Chairperson of the Governing Council of IFAD.
Chabahar Port
  • India and Iran had agreed to develop it in 2003.
  • Located in the Gulf of Oman.
  • Will help India to expand maritime commerce in the region.
  • Cabinet has approved credit for the development of it.
  • Often seen as a Indian counter strategy aginst China’s “String of Pearls”
World spice congress
  • 13th edition of it began in Ahmedabad
  • Theme: Target 2020: Clean, Safe and   Sustainable Supply Chain’.
  • Spices are the only Indian exports that control almost half of world trade in it kind
Guantanamo Bay
  • US Military prison.
  • Known for torture and detention.
  • In news because Obama has proposed a roadmap to close it
Gender park
  • India’s first Gender Park at Kozhikode inaugurated.
  • First of its kind gender equality convergence centre in Asia.
  • Initiative of the Social Justice Department of the Kerala Government.
  • Gender Park seeks to encourage women to take part in developmental and decision making process.
Train from China to Iran
  • Beijing led Belt and Road connectivity initiative along the new Silk Road.
  • A 14 day, 10,399 Kms. of distance, train from trading hub of Yiwu arrived in Tehran.
  • Drastically reduces the transit time from China to Iran (from Shanghai to port Bandar Abbas in Iran took 45 days).
Dhauli-Kalinga Mahotsav 2016
  • 12th edition at Japanese peace pagoda at Dhauli, Odisha.
  • A confluence of Indian dance forms, classical, folk or martial


Economy and banking
Bank Board Bureau(BBB)
  • BBB will be a super authority (Autonomous Body) of eminent professionals and officials for public sector banks (PSBs).
  • It will replace the Appointments Board of Government.
  • Former CAG Vinod Rai appointed as first chairman of it
Railway Budget
  • Theme of the Budget
  • To Reorganise, Restructure and Rejuvenate Indian Railways.
  • A new approach, a new way of working – “चलो, मिलकर कुछ नया करें”
  • 3 pillars of the strategy :
  • Nav Arjan or New revenues (focus on new sources of revenue),
  • Nav Manak or New norms (optimising outgo on each activity), and
  • Nav Sanrachna or New Structures (revisiting all processes, rules, and structures).
“Bad Bank” concept
  • Concept allows “government-supported” entity to buy bad loans from stressed banks at a fair price (discount price), such an entity will be responsible for the recovery of the debt.
  • It will help banks clean up their books and use their capital resources for funding the growth in credit needs.


Science and Technology
  • Light Fidelity, a technology that uses light waves, instead of Radio Frequency, as medium to carry data.
  • RF spectrum is getting overpopulated
  • An improvised LED bulb functions as a router.
  • Li-Flame, world’s first true Li-Fi system, high speed wireless solution
RMAb (Rabies Human Monoclonal Antibody)
  • World’s first fast acting anti rabies drug.
  • To be launched in India.
  • Developed by Pune-based Serum Institute of India (SII) and US-based MassBiologics of the University of Massachusetts Medical School.
National Science Day
  • Feb 28 is celebrated as National Science Day.
  • Theme for year 2016 is “Scientific Issues for Development of the Nation”.
  • Day marks the discovery of Raman Effect by Indian physicist CV Raman.
INS Arihant
  • India’s first indigenously built nuclear armed submarine.
  • Passed deep sea test.
Ischemic disease
  • Condition that affects the blood supply to the heart.
  • Blood vessels are narrowed due to deposition of cholesterol.
ARM missile
  • Anti-Radiation Missile detects radiation or signal radars to destroy them.
  • DRDO waiting to start trials, will be mounted on Sukhoi (SU-30) and Tejas LCA(Light Combat Aircraft).
  • Range of the missile= 100-125 kilometers.
  • Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, an anti missile system by the US.
  • China says US using nuclear issue as an excuse in talks with South Korea to place THAAD on North Korea’s doorstep
  • A drug used to treat Tuberculosis.
  • Used in the multi drug resistant tuberculosis.
  • On the WHO’s list of essential medicine.
  • Pilot testing only on patients with resistance of Rifampicin and Isoniazid (first line TB medicines) to start in few hospitals in India to see feasibility.
  • World TB day- 24 March.
  • Cryogenic Engine developed by Liquid Propulsion System Centre(LPSC) of ISRO at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.
  • ISRO chairman= A.S.Kiran Kumar
  • (ISRO=Indian Space Research Organization)
  • American scientists have developed mini-organs that produce Insulin to normalize blood sugar in patients having diabetes.
SPINK1 gene
  • A gene which causes pancreatitis in Indians and other developing countries when it gets mutated.
  • Scientists from Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology(CCMB) analyzed various genes linked to pancreatitis.


Falcated Duck
  • A rare vagrant species sighted in Goa.
  • Classified as Near Threatened by IUCN.


Persons in News ( Appointments, Awards , Deaths )
Udai Kumar
  • Appointed as MD and CEO of Metropolitan stock Exchange of India (MSEI).
  • MSEI was formerly known as MCX-SX
  • It is India’s youngest and three stock exchange recognized by SEBI.
Amit Mitra
  • New Chairman of Empowered Committee of State Finance Ministers on Goods and Services Tax (GST).
  • Economist and former Secretary General of FICCI (a business industry association).
Amitava Bhattacharya, Bimal Julka and Divya Prakash Sinha
  • Newly appointed Information Commissioners in Central Information Commission (CIC).
Rajendra Singh
  • Appointed Director General of Coast Guard.
  • Becomes first DG from its own internal cadre.
  • Till now top post was only held by officers who were commissioned in the Indian Navy.
Prof. Saibaba
  • In prison on the charge of having Maoist links.
  • Suspended Delhi University Professor.
Soni Sori
  • Adivasi school teacher turned political leader from Bastar, Chhattisgarh.
  • Attacked with a chemical substance by unidentified people in Dantewada district.
Justice Vineet Saran
  • Appointed as Chief Justice of Orissa High Court.
K N Vyas
  • Appointed as director of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre.
Amar Singh
  • Indian origin person appointed as police commissioner of Malaysia’s  Kuala Lumpur.
Gianni Infantino
  • Elected as new president of FIFA
  • Swiss national
Boutros Boutros Ghali
  • Former UN secretary General, died at 93.
  • Egyptian born, served UN chief from 1992-1996.
  • Nicknamed “The Pharaoh” for reorganizing bureaucracy in the UN
  • Backed by 10 Security Council members in 1996 led by African nations for a second five year term, but was vetoed by the United States.
Ustad Abdul Rashid Khan
  • Oldest performing musician of India, died at 107 from old age related ailments.
  • Oldest Padma Bhushan recipient, awarded in 2013.
  • Trained in Gwalior Gharana of Hindustani Classical music ( Khayal, Dhrupad, Dhamar, Thumri).
  • Poet under name of “Rasan Piya”
  • Descendant of Tansen (16th generation)
Kalikho Pul
  • Sworn in as new Arunachal Chief Minister after President’s rule was revoked.
  • Appointed as part time member of Prasar Bharati Board.
  • PBB runs public broadcasters Doordarshan and All India Radio (AIR).
  • She’ll serve the board till Nov 2021.
Harper Lee


  • An American writer, died at age 89
  • Pulitzer prize the year after, for  ”To Kill A Mockingbird” in 1960.
Aryabhata Award
  • It is given by Astronautical Society of India.
  • Awarded to Ex-DRDO DG  Avinash Chander.
  • Award in recognition for his contribution to missile technology.
  • Famously is known as Agni man of India.
Global CSR Excellence & Leadership Award
  • Hyderabad-based GVK Biosciences (GVK BIO).
  • For its Go Green, Grow Green plantation drive under its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative.
  • Malayalam film won Crystal Bear award at the Berlin Film Festival.
  • Ottaal means “The Trap


Places in News
Woody island
  • Island part of Parcels chain under Chinese control for 40 years.
  • Also claimed by Taiwan and Vietnam.


Top Arms Importer
  • India is at the top.
  • Accounts for 14% of global arm import between 2011-15.
  • Revealed by report of Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)
Pakistan’s Parliament
  • First parliament building in world to run completely on solar power.
  • Known as Majlis-e-shoora in Urdu.
Digital state
  • Kerala is declared as first digital state.
  • Has achieved 100 percent mobile connectivity, 75 percent e-literacy, maximum digital banking, broadband connectivity upto the Panchayat level, linking bank accounts with Aadhar cards and e-district plan in all districts.
International Mother Language Day(IMLD)
  • 21st Feb, announced by UNESCO
  • To promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism.
  • “Ekushey” means 21st in Bengali.
IP Code
  • International Protection Marking.
  • Classifies and rates the degree of protection provided against intrusion (body parts such as hands and fingers), dust, accidental contact, and water by mechanical casings and electrical enclosures.


FIN ( Facts in News)

Facts in News (FIN) : February 1 – February 15

Hello Everyone, Thank you all for your amazing response to our initiative named Facts in News (FIN). Your responses help us to perform better by everyday. As promised we have compiled facts which were in news between February 1 – February 15. We have comprehensively covered the facts so that it would be beneficial to UPSC  IAS Civil Services exam as well as other exams like State PCS, SSC etc.

Write your views in comment section, and it will help us to prepare better with time.

[Facts in News]


Bills, Programs, Policies, Schemes, Orders, Judgements
Strategic storage of oil
  • Underground storages are being built at Mangalore, Visakhapatnam and Padur
  • To guard against global price shocks
  • Adnoc(Abu Dhabi National oil company) has agreed to store crude oil in it
Gokul Gram yojana
  • Community development programme designed to educate milk producers
  • Punjab government has launched an extensive mission to develop pure breed of the ‘Sahiwal’ cattle under this yojana
Bharat Net project
  • Project to connect all India’s households, particularly rural areas, through broadband by 2017.
  • It will be backbone of “Digital India Programme”
  • PPP model used to implement the project.
Swachh Bharat Mission
  • Solid waste management is one of key feature of it
  • It has been made mandatory for fertilizer company to buy compost that is extracted from municipal solid waste
Child surrogacy
  • In a verdict, Bombay High court directed the Central Railways to grant 180 days of maternity leave to a woman who had a child through surrogacy.
Visa on Arrival
  • No waiting time to travel to India
  • Only business and conference VIsa seekers are allowed right now
  • Categories like research and medical are “not” allowed right now
  • 113 countries citizens can get Visa on Arrival facility


National & International Events
Historic Meeting
  • Pope Francis and the head of the Russian Orthodox Church will meet in Cuba.
  • It could be a historic step towards healing the 1,000-year-old rift between the Western and Eastern branches of Christianity.
India – Bangladesh:

Maritime cooperation

  • India and Bangladesh signed a Standard Operating Procedure(SOP) to operationalise the agreement on coastal shipping
  • China had earlier offered to develop the Chittagong port and India sees it as encircling by China under its”String of Pearls” strategy
India-Thailand Maritime cooperation
  • Joint task force meeting to deepen maritime and defence cooperation, ocean safety, disaster management and anti terror drills
  • Organised from 13-18th February in Mumbai
  • Showcasing the potential of design, innovation and sustainability across India’s manufacturing sectors in the coming decade. A week that will spark a renewed sense of pride in India’s manufacturing – and take corporate and public participation to the next level.
Trafficking in Persons (TIP) conclave
  • Held in siliguri, West Bengal government has decided to set up a central nodal agency to  fight against human trafficking
Surajkund International Crafts Mela 2016
  • Showcases the richness and diversity of Handicrafts, Handlooms and Cultural heritage of the country
  • It’s the 30th year of the mela, held for 15 fifteen days
  • 23 countries will participate this year.
  • China and Japan will be the “focus countries
  • Standing Conference Of Public Enterprises.
  • An international conference summit was held jointly with ILO, titled ”Reinventing HR”
  • U.D.Choubey is Director General of SCOPE
Trans Pacific Partnership
  • A US led free trade deal in Asia-Pacific
  • 12 countries signed the agreement in feb 2016
  • China not part of the agreement
Sino-India cooperation 2016
  • First joint tactical exercise in border(Chushul-Moldo) area
  • Previously joint exercise was conducted in Sikkim
  • Part of ongoing initiatives for better cooperation
Cobra Gold
  • An Asia Pacific multilateral amphibious exercise held in Thailand every year
Nuclear compensation
  • India ratified the Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damage(CSC)
  • CSC allows for increasing the compensation amount in the event of nuclear incident


Economy and banking
Currency Swap agreement
  • Foreign exchange derivative between two institutions to exchange the principal and/or interest payments of a loan in one currency for equivalent amounts, in net present value terms, in another currency
  • Recently there is currency swap agreement between RBI and UAE’s central Bank
NSEL(National stock Exchange Limited) and FTIL(Financial Technologies India Limited) to merge
  • This is the first time that the government has ordered a merger between two private entities under Section 396 of The Companies Act, 1956
  • NSEL  was embroiled in a Rs.5,600 crore settlement scam in July 2013


Science and Technology
Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO)
  • Detected Gravitational waves from space
  • It is in US
Mars Orbiter Mission(MOM)
  • A low cost Indian satellite still orbiting Mars beyond its mission time
  • NASA, Mars society Australia and Birbal Sahni institute will travel to ladakh to study topography and microbial life
  • Collaboration with France for a second Mars mission
  • European Organization for nuclear research, houses the large hadron collider.
  • Has succeeded in showing atom of anti-Hydrogen is charged neutral
Novus Drive
  • A 14 seater battery powered driverless shuttle
  • “Robotic Systemz” manufactured Novus at their Gurgaon facility
  • The homegrown vehicle has a range of 150Kms in a single charge.
  • Lightest solid material known to man
  • Finest insulation material
  • It has super high oil absorption capacity
  • Singapore scientists have successfully converted paper waste into green cellulose aerogels which are light, non toxic and flexible.
Cancer treatment
  • Scientists in the US are using empty Hepatitis E virus shell to transfer anti cancer vaccine and drugs in the body to treat cancer or other illness
  • Clustered Regularly Inter Spaced Short Palindromic Repeats
  • Have resistance to foreign genetic elements and provides a form of acquired immunity
  • Ethical debates have arisen in changing DNA sequence related  unborn human babies
  • A transportation concept by Elon Musk, co-founder of Tesla motors.
  • Pods will have 20-30 people, which would travel in tubes at speeds of about 1127 Kms per hour.
Drishti RVR
  • An indigenously developed Runway Visual Range system
  • Beneficial in the severest of the fog
  • A mission to study the Sun sanctioned, likely  to be launched 2019-2020 on PSLV
  • L1 is lagrangian point in an orbit where the gravitational pulls of Earth and Sun don’t affect the spacecraft
  • Aditya has been designed by ADCOS, a multi faculty body of ISRO, which also designed the 2008 Chandrayaan I and 2013 Mars Orbiter Mission
Project Loon
  • Project of Google to provide internet connectivity to rural and remote areas
  • It will use helium filled balloons to provide connectivity to provide to an area of 40 Kms in diameter at 4G speeds.
  • Google is hoping to launch it India  


Raorshestas Travancorius
  • A rare and endemic frog species found in Kerala
  • Its was reported as extinct but now has been found again from the Periyar Tiger Reserve
  • COral Reef Airborne Laboratory, a NASA 3 year airborne experiment
  • To survey the conditions of major coral reefs through remote sensing
  • Portable remote imaging spectrometer(PRISM) will be deployed measure optically, area covered by the reef and the reef productivity
World Wetlands Day
  • 2nd feb marks the signing of Convention on wetlands, called Ramsar Convention.
  • Theme this year is “ Wetlands for our future- Sustainable Livelihood”
Black Necked Cranes
  • Kashmir’s Endangered and vulnerable lovebirds
  • Its number has gone up
Tiger census Report
  • Karnataka tops the chart with 406 Tigers
  • Half of these tigers is in Bandipur and Nagarhole National Park


Persons in News ( Appointments, Awards , Deaths )
Hanumanthappa Koppad
  • Was Lance Naik in Indian Army
  • Rescued from 35 feet beneath the snow in  -45°C temperature, six days after an avalanche hit an Indian Army post in Siachen
  • But died of multiple organ failure
  • Appointed as one of the five Vice-Presidents of the newly established Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank(AIIB)
  • Designation of Chief Investment Officer(CIO) to focus on infrastructure in Asia
  • He was former bureaucrat with the Govt. of Gujarat
Archana Ramasundaram
  • First woman to head a paramilitary force(SSB)
  • 1980 batch IPS of Tamil Nadu cadre
  • Currently special Director NCRB
Afroz begum and Jahan Ara
  • First women Qazis of Rajasthan
Harinder Sandhu
  • Australia’s new High Commissioner to India
  • She is of Indian Origin
Sudhir Tailang
  • A well known cartoonist, died at 55 of brain tumour
  • A Padma Shri awardee,2004, for contribution to the art of cartooning
Asad Rauf
  • Umpire from Pakistan
  • Banned by BCCI on charges of corruption and misconduct in relation to IPL spot fixing scandal
O.N.V Kurup
  • Malayalam poet died recently
  • Recipient of Jnanpith award and Padma Vibhushan
Edgar D. Mitchell
  • A NASA astronaut, Sixth man to set foot on the moon, died.
  • Space mission- Apollo 14
  • Died 1 day before his 45th anniversary of moon landing in 1971
Prashant Kishore
  • An Indian political strategist and advisor to Chief Minister of Bihar on Policies and Program Implementation
  • Public Health expert by training and had formerly worked with the United Nations
Rohith Vemula
  • Dalit Research scholar of University of Hyderabad
  • He committed suicide
Justice(retd.) Sanjay Mishra
  • Appointed lokayukta of U.P,succeeding justice(retd.) N.K.Mehrotra, who held the post since 2006
  • He has retired from the Allahabad high court
Sanjeev Rajput
  • A shooting sportsperson qualified in the Asia Olympic shooting competition
  • He will now join shooters who will represent India in RIO Olympics
Leslie Bassett
  • Pulitzer winning composer died recently
Dhirendra Hiralal Waghela
  • Appointed as new Chief Justice of Bombay High court
  • Was previously Chief Justice of Orissa High court and Karnataka High court
Nida Fazli
  • Noted Urdu poet died of heart attack at 78
  • He was awarded Padma shri in 2013


Places in News
  • Due to the claim on the disputed  structure here by both Hindus and Muslims, it has come to be known as ‘mini-Ayodhya’
  • It is in Madhya Pradesh
Bar Simaluguri
  • Northeast’s first Smart village
  • It is along Indo-Bhutan border, in Baksa district of Assam
  • It is done under aegis of Nanda Talukdar Foundation (NTF)
Loyola College,Chennai
  • Gives preferential option for the poor and Dalits in admissions and appointments


Books, Movies, Literature etc.
TITLI movie
  • Won Best first foreign film award
  • Conferred by the French Syndicate of Cinema Critics(FSCC) 2016
  • Directed by Kanu Behl


ICC under-19  world cup
  • West Indies won the series
  • Defeated India in the final
South Asian Games
  • 12th version of South Asian Games
  • “Tikhor” , a playful rhino is the mascot of the games
  • “Peace,Prosperity and Progress”, motto of the games
  • Ghosal took oath on behalf of participating athletes


GreenSignal Bio Pharma Pvt. Ltd.
  • An Indian company accorded PQP(prequalification of medicines programme) certification from WHO
  • PQP certification helps to participate in the global immunization programme
Intellectual property Index
  • By US
  • chamber of commerce Index is based on 30 criteria critical to innovation like patent, copyright, trademark protection, etc
  • India ranked 37 among 38 countries
National Legal Services Authority(NALSA)
  • Provides free legal services to weaker sections of the society, constituted in 1995
  • Union Govt. will extend Rs.148 crore to help provide free legal services to those who cannot afford
World Cancer Day
  • Feb 4, an international day founded by the Union for International Cancer Control(UICC)
  • Aims to raise awareness of cancer, encourage prevention, detection and treatment.
Araku Coffee
  • Araku valley is a hill station in Andhra Pradesh famous for coffee plantations
  • Premium organic “Araku Emerald” brand sells globally
Nada Kushti
  • A traditional form of wrestling of Mysore
  • “Garadis”- traditional wrestling gymnasiums
  • Vajramusthi Kalaga- Fist fighting
Beyond the Body
  • An international publication with black and white pictures of two wrestlers in a Garadi
  • Tomasz Gudzowaty- a renowned Polish photographer
  • Edited by Nan Goldin- a well known American photojournalist
Geographical Indication(GI)
  • A place name used to identify the origin, quality or reputation
  • Indian Basmati rice is set to get GI tag
EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2015
  • Vinita Gupta, Chief Executive Officer, and Nilesh Gupta, Managing Director, Lupin Ltd.


FIN ( Facts in News)

Facts in News (FIN) : January 16 – January 31

Hello Everyone, Thank you all for your amazing response to our initiative named Facts in News (FIN). Your responses help us to perform better by everyday. As promised, we have compiled facts which were in news between January 16 to January 31. We have comprehensively covered the facts so that it would be beneficial to UPSC  IAS Civil Services exam as well as other exams like State PCS, SSC etc.

Write your views in comment section, and it will help us to prepare better with time.

[Facts in News]


Bills, Programs, Policies, Schemes, Orders, Judgements
Election Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2016
passed by Parliament
  • Bill aims to empower the Election Commission to carry out delimitation of constituencies in areas that were affected by the enactment of the Constitution (100th Amendment) Act, 2015
  • Under the 2015 Act, enclaves were exchanged between India and
‘Start-up India, Stand-up India
  • Startup India campaign is based on an action plan aimed at promoting bank financing for start-up ventures to boost entrepreneurship and encourage start ups with jobs creation.
  • Stand up India” scheme, aimed at providing credit to Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, and women borrowers intended to promote entrepreneurship and will involve loans ranging from Rs. 10 lakh to Rs. 1 crore.
Reservation for women
  • Bihar government approves 35% job reservation for women in government jobs.
Giriputrika Kalyana Pathakam Scheme
  • By Andhra Pradesh government.
  • To support tribal women in their quest for livelihood.
National Conference on e-governance
  • 19th edition held in Nagpur.
  • Organized by Department of Administrative Reforms and public grievances (DARPG)
Sahaj Scheme
  • For online booking of LPG cylinder.
  • Launched as part of Government’s 2016 year of the consumer initiative
Schedule Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Amendment Act 2015
  • The amendment act has more stringent provisions for prevention of atrocities against SC and ST.
  • Came into force from 26th January 2016.
  • New offences of atrocities like tonsuring of head, moustache, or similar acts which are derogatory to the dignity of members of STs & SCs garlanding with chappals, denying access to irrigation facilities or forest rights , dispose or carry human or animal carcasses, or to dig graves, using or permitting manual scavenging
  • Establishment of Exclusive Special Courts to enable speedy and expeditious disposal of cases.


National & International Events
Sahyog-Kaijin 2016
  • Bilateral exercise between India and Japan.
  • Exercise is a part of the cooperative arrangements between two Coast Guards for the last 15 years
  • US has removed wide range of nuclear sanction against Iran.
  • Because Iran has met its commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPA) or Vienna agreement with P5+1 countries signed in July 2015.
  • P5+1(US, Russia, UK, France, China and Germany
India Africa Hydrocarbons Conference
  • Fourth Edition held in New Delhi.
  • Aims at enhancing greater co-operation between India and African Continent in the field of Hydrocarbons.
Arab India co-operation Forum
  • First meeting held in Manama, capital of Bahrain.
  • Provides platform to India to reach out of west Asian Nations.
  • Signed protocol to amend the existing Double Taxation Avoidance convention (DTAC) to curb tax evasion.


Economy and banking
SBI InCube
  • SBI launched dedicated specialized branch for startups in Bangalore.
  • Will cater to the financial needs by providing advisory services to the budding entrepreneurs.
Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)
  • Formally opened by Chinese President XI Jinping.
  • Chairman of Bank’s council-Lou Jiwei (FM of china).
  • President- Jin Liqun (Former FM of China).
  • Headquarter is in Beijing.
  • India is the second largest shareholder after China
RV Easwar committee
  • Expert committee to simplify income tax laws
  • Headed by justice (retired) RV Easwar
IMF Reforms
  • More voting rights to India, China, Brazil and Russia.
  • India’s voting right increased to 2.6% from 2.3%.


Science and Technology
Akash Missile
  • Mid range surface to air missile.
  • Indigenously developed by DRDO.
  • Successfully fired at Chandipur in odisha.


New bird Species
  • Named Himalayan Forest Thrush has been discovered in Northeastern India
  • It is only fourth new bird species to be discovered in India after Independence


Persons in News ( Appointments, Awards , Deaths )

Karl Deisseroth


  • Winner of life science breakthrough prize for 2016.
  • Featured speaker of sixth annual cell press-TNQ India distinguished lectureship series.
Tsai Ing-wen
  • Elected as first female President of Taiwan.
Sathyabhama Das Biju
  • Popularly known as frogman of India.
  • He has discovered a new genus of tree hole-breeding frogs named Frankie Xalus in the forests of northeast India and bordering parts of China.
Atulesh Jindal
  • IRS officer appointed chairman of CBDT (Central Board of Direct Taxes
Pandit Shankar Ghosh
  • Well known Tabla Player.
  • Followed Farukhabad Gharana of Hindustani classical music.
  • Died recently.
Marvin Minsky
  • Pioneer of artificial intelligence.
  • Died recently.
Lala Lajpat Rai
  • Freedom fighter popularly Known as Punjab Kesari.
  • Established DAV Schools.
  • On 28th January 2016, 150th Birth Anniversary is being celebrated.
Krishi Karman Award 2014-15
  • To reward best performing states in foodgrain production.
  • Madhya Pradesh has been awarded in category of maximum foodgrain production for 4th consecutive year.
K Veeramani Social Justice award
  • Instituted by US-based Periyar International
  • An organisation of non-resident followers of Dalit icon Periyar EV Ramasami.
  • Conferred to Bihar CM Nitish Kumar
Yash Chopra Memorial Award
  • Annual award for outstanding contribution to film industry
  • Actress Rekha has been conferred award this year


Places in News
  • It became India’s fully organic state
  • It successfully implemented organic farming practices on around 75,000 hectares of agricultural land.
  • India’s Largest and tallest Tricolor hoisted at Ranchi.
  • Till now Faridabad (Haryana) had raised the tallest National Flag.
Free Public Wi-Fi at Mumbai Central Railway Station
  • Google India and Indian Railways Telecom arm RailTel has launched it.


World’s largest Rice Exporter
  • India overtook Thailand as World’s Largest Rice Exporter.
National Voter’s Day
  • Commemorates foundation day of Election Commission of India
  • Came into existence on 25th January 1950.
  • Celebrated 6th voter’s Day.
  • Theme: Inclusive and qualitative participation.
National Family Health Survey(NFHS) 4
  • Large scale multi round survey.
  • Conducted in a representative sample of household .
  • Done under the aegis of the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
  • Sex ratio in many states has decreased.
  • Literacy rate has increased.



FIN ( Facts in News)

Facts in News (FIN) : January 1 – January 15

Hello Everyone, Thank you all for your amazing response to our initiative named Facts in News (FIN). Your responses help us to perform better by everyday. As promised, we have compiled facts which were in news between January 1 to January 15. We have comprehensively covered the facts so that it would be beneficial to UPSC  IAS Civil Services exam as well as other exams like State PCS, SSC etc.

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[Facts in News]


Bills, Programs, Policies, Schemes, Orders, Judgements
Benefit Transfer (DBT) of kerosene subsidy
  • Introduced in eight states: Punjab, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.
  • In order to incentivize implementation of DBT, states will be provided with cash incentive of 75% of subsidy savings during the first two years, 50% in the third year and 25% in the fourth year.
Smart City Challenge competition
  • Government declared 20 cities as winners out of 98 total
  • Starting from 2016-17, these cities will be provided with central assistance of Rs 200 crore in the first year followed by Rs 100 crore
    each year for the next three years
  • Rank 1 was Bhubaneshwar followed by Pune and Jaipur, last was Bhopal
  • These 20 cities have proposed an investment of Rs 50,802 crore over five years with Public Private-Partnership as a major vehicle for
    resource mobilisation.
National Family Health Survey released
  • The survey is the fourth round of the NFHS series and covers 13 states and two union territories
  • The survey includes information regarding the health, nutrition and population in these states


National & International Events
Sahyog-Kaijin 2016
  • Indo -Japanese coast guard joint exercise in the Bay of Bengal
  • Held once in two years, venue shifts on alternate occasions between India and Japan for the last fifteen years
“China Tourism Year” in India 2016
  • A cultural exchange initiative by the two countries
  • Anhui Huangmei Opera theatre performs in New Delhi organized by China National Tourism Administration(CNTA)
  • Show titled “Goddess Marriage”, a love story between mortal and immortal
  • “India Tourism Year” In China was in 2015


Science and Technology
NAG missile
  • Indigenously built anti tank missile, 4kms range, uses infrared seeker
  • Uses HEAT(high explosive anti tank) to destroy armored protection by nullifying their ERA(explosive reactive armor)
  • A colourless tasteless powder added to food as preservatives
  • Fights bacteria, used as sanitizer in lactating cows
  • In the news because  researchers in USA found it to treat cancer and antibiotic resistant bacteria
CIRB Gaurav, Hisar, Haryana
  • Central Institute for Research on Buffaloes has produced a cloned buffalo offspring
  • CIRB becomes world’s third and India’s second to produce cloned buffalo
  • A chemical which provides as much energy as Triglycerides but not stored as fat
  • Called as “anti-obesity” cooking oil
  • Largest ape to roam earth
  • Died 1,00,000 years ago due to various reasons related to food
Designer alloys
  • Matters with well defined properties created by chemical induced reaction
  • Any planet, asteroid or comet which comes closest to the Sun, that point in that orbit is called perihelion(opposite= Aphelion)
Time Scale Technique
  • A technique to measure the pull of gravity at the surface of distant stars
  • Being used in finding life on the planets revolving around distant stars
  • Plant, animal, vegetable waste is converted into 100% organic material by use of earthworms
  • Rich in organic Carbon, worm mucus, enzymes, NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium)
  • Nutrients in vermicompost are easily absorbed by the roots of the plants


  • A type of Bull breeds.
  • Young Bulls are used in Jallikattu and Rekla race in Tamil Nadu
Snowflake coral
  • An invasive species of coral found near the coast of Trivandrum
  • Known to inhabit reefs, metals and even plastic
  • It crowds out the area and dominates the space and other marine organisms


Persons in News ( Appointments, Awards , Deaths )
  • Music maestro selected for Kerala tourism’s Nishagandhi Puraskaram 2016
  • 72 year old  will be awarded at Nishagandhi annual dance and music festival
  • For his artistic excellence and contribution to Indian music film industry
  • Award carries a purse of Rs.1,50,000, a citation and a statute
Shyam Benegal
  • Head of a committee (for censor board-CBFC) to suggest best practices and to help the board members understand the films better when certifying the films
  • Committee constituted by the Union Information and Broadcast Ministry
Sarosh Homi Kapadia
  • 38th Chief Justice of India, died in Mumbai at 68
  • He was the first Parsi Chief Justice of India
  • Most notable verdict was the Vodafone Tax verdict
Sandeep Pandey
  • Removed on charges of being a “Naxalite” and engaging in  “anti-national” activities and screening a banned documentary
  • He was a visiting faculty in department of chemical engineering at the IIT-BHU
  • He is a Magsaysay award winner
Mufti Mohammad Sayeed
  • Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister died due to multiple organ failure
  • He served twice as the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir
Amitabh Kant  
  • Appointed as Chief Executive officer of the NITI Aayog
  • He is 1980 batch, Kerala cadre, IAS officer
Urjit Patel
  • Re-appointed as deputy Governor of RBI for a second term
  • Lifetime achievement award for 2013 by Karnataka Sahitya Academy
  • A rational thinker, he received threats from right wing groups for his controversial remarks about Hindu epics
David Bowie
  • An American iconic singer, died at 69 due to cancer
J.F.R Jacob
  • A lieutenant General, one of  the heroes of 1971 war with Pakistan, died at 92
  • Was Governor of Goa and Punjab after retirement of the Army in 1978
  • Started his career in British Indian Army


Places in News
Ganga Sagar Mela
  • Annual six day fair at the Sagar island, one among the cluster of islands south of 24 parganas district, West Bengal
  • The Ganga Sagar Mela will be declared Green Mela this year
  • Hindu pilgrimage centre located in the Periyar Tiger Reserve in western ghats in Kerala
  • In the news because PET(plastic) a polluter will now be banned by intervention of Kerala High Court
  • Western ghats is a biodiversity hotspot
Chandragiri fort
  • In the new because it will host 545th birth anniversary of the famous Vijayanagara emperor, Shri Krishnadevaraya from Feb 14 to Feb 16
Mission Bhageeratha
  • The drinking water project of the Telangana state
  • In the news because 1700 hectares of land has to be acquired, which means the forest rights of scheduled tribes and other communities have to be negotiated
Bhogali Bihu
  • Harvest festival of Assam
  • People organize community fishing and feasts
  • People spent their night dancing and singing in mejis(temporary shelters made of straw)
  • French transportation equipment maker, providing metro coaches for Kochi Metro project, Kerala


Azad Bachpan ki Aur
  • Book by Kailash Satyarthi
  • He is a Nobel prize winner for Peace
Towards a World of Equals
  • A book on gender equality introduced on pilot basis in engineering colleges, book is affiliated to JNTU-Hyderabad
  • Telangana has become first state to introduce compulsory gender education at the graduate level
“China -India Dialogue”
  • India centric monthly publication in China by China International Publication Group(CIPG)
  • A 24×7 national TV channel by Prasar Bharti, airing Carnatic and Hindustani music, will be launched on 26 January
    Will be on webcast and DTH also
“The Revenant” At 73rd Golden Globe Awards
1.    Best Drama2.    Best Actor(Leonardo diCaprio)
3.    Best Director(Alejandro G.Inarritu)
“Mozart in the Jungle” At 73rd Golden Globe Awards
1.    Best comedy series
2.    Best actor in comedy series(Gael Garcia Bernal)
“The Martian”
  • Best Motion picture comedy or musical award
  • The Vaccine Alliance, founder- Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Gavi pledged $500 million in helping Govt. of India in its immunization program
  • CEO of Gavi- Seth Berkley
Slum Museum
  • World’s first Slum museum in Dharavi,Mumbai, Asia’s biggest slum, it is a small mobile museum
  • Pottery, textiles and recycled items displayed
Army day
  • 68th Army day on 15th January 2016
  • Celebrated to commemorate the day when General K.M.Cariappa became the first commander in chief of the Indian Army after Independence