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News: B S Bassi , ex Delhi Police Commissioner appointed UPSC Member

This year, as Kilemsungla Ma’am retired after the IFoS Interview ( she was not there for CSE Interview ), we have a new appointment to UPSC.

B S Bassi, former Delhi Police Commissioner has been appointed as the new member of UPSC.

Bassi Sir retired at the age of 60 this year in Feb, so as a UPSC Member , he will serve a very long tenure – which is six years or 65 years whichever happens earlier.

So Bassi Sir will be taking Interviews for CSE 2016 till CSE 2018. He will retire in Feb 2020 and will not be taking Interview for CSE 2019 , assuming that Interviews are held in around April.

Earlier, K K Paul Sir was a member of UPSC who was also former Delhi Police Commissioner.

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