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Clarifications Regarding Our Open Simulator Test Held on April 10th

Note: Test Window for this FREE Mock is open till Thursday 12PM. We will release the ranklist and detailed solution of the Test on Thursday. If you have not written the test, visit and complete your test. Registration is Free.

Note: We have 50 seats for the Classroom Test Series. If you want to take our Test Series in Old Rajinder Nagar, please enrol as early as possible to ensure your seat. Admission for Classroom Test Series will close soon.


Dear Friends,
First of all we would like to thank you for the tremendous response to the Open Mock. This post will clarify some of your doubts regarding the Test held and students who would like to write the Test Series online / offline.

Difficulty Level of the Paper

The difficulty level of the paper was medium. Since it was a simulator test, your scores at current level of preparation and seriousness will get you the same marks +/-10% in actual Civil Services Preliminary.

What is a good score for this test?

We will announce a good score for this test on Thursday. As of now we would request those of who have not finished  the test to do so by Thursday so that you can figure in the consolidated ranklist for online and offline test takers.

Answer Key and Solution

A tentative answer key is available in the portal. A detailed solution will be provided on Thursday in a downloadable format. Errors , if any in the key /solution will be rectified by Thursday and you scores will get updated automatically when we alter the key. But please note that some of you felt that

  • Paper was not very tough
  • Few answers in key are wrong

This is exactly how the paper is designed. The Paper should look easy, but scoring should be difficult. The paper’s main goal was to test your basics and reveal any inadequacy in your basic preparation.

Knowing your weaknesses as early as possible and working on them as early as possible is the only way to improve. If you do not improve, you will not move ahead in your preparation. Do not carry the baggage of preparation and instead , focus on improving continuously.

The Test was  easy for some

This is especially for students who took the test offline. Wait until you get the scores. We will also provide estimate of a good score for a paper of this level.

Those who would like to Join the Test Series.

Online – We have admissions open for Batch 2 and Batch 3 online. You can write the Tests anytime after the Test Paper is released until August 7. Click here to enroll ( scroll down for online option )

Offline – 

  1. Students who are already enrolled online and want to migrate to offline – They can do so by making an additional payment of Rs. 1000 . After making the payment, you can appear at the test centre as per your existing calendar from 10 AM – 12 PM. In case you have missed any of the tests, you can come and write those tests at the test center on Sundays between 10AM – 1 PM.
  2. Students who are not enrolled yet and want to enrol for offline Tests – They can do so by enrolling in either Batch 2 or Batch 3 ( Offline ) by clicking here


What happens to the tests that you have missed?

Online Students – Online students can write all the tests anytime after they are released as per their  calendar. There is nothing like missing the tests. You only miss the test if you do not write it before the Prelims Examination.

Offline Students – We will be conducting the Tests at the physical centre as per the calendar of your enrolled batch.

For tests that have already passed by, say Test 1 and 2 for Batch 2 ( Offline ) and Test 1 for Batch 3 ( Offline ), they will be provided the Test Papers of all previous tests in Hard copy at the center itself. You can write the tests at home or at the center. You can send us your filled up OMR sheet to and we will mail you your score and rank.

Please email us at or call us at +91-8800631116 for any clarifications.

Note: Fees payment can be done online here  , or at the test center on the designated days of the Test.


For any queries email

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