Coaching or No Coaching: IAS RANK 86 – Narendra Kumar Shah

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Coaching or No Coaching: IAS RANK 86 – Narendra Kumar Shah


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  • wings of fire

    Sir I’m also in same situation as kabir pls help..

  • wings of fire

    Sir I’m also in same situation as kabir pls help.

  • congrats narendra
    m doin self study since last 2 yrs…along with my acads (engg.)
    i hv selected geo as optional..n preparing from std ref books..n hv covered entire syllabus once…now time to revise…recently i contacted one of my friends brodr who is an IPS officer (2014 batch)…he strongly suggeted me to join class for optional..for that will give me competitive edge,study grp,guidance, how to write in mains blah blah blah….job and my studies are goin parallel…m managing to remove avg 5-6 hours daily….should i join coaching class in delhi n give up my job….or i can do gud in optionals without classes(if no class then how wil i evaluate myself with my level of prep.)…pls give ur honest opinion…wil matter a lot in decision making…
    thanks in advance
    rply ASAP
    n congrats once again….al d best for way ahead..

  • Aakarsh Chaudhary

    Very helpful sir, my sister Ankita Singh suggested me to read your post.

  • Tushar Rai

    Sir thank u fr the above guidance..but if someone lyk me is opting the ias xam nxt yr so frm where do i get the guidance of what to study , from where to study. I dont have anyone frm this field who can regularly guide me.

  • Bhavika

    Ya sure☺ thanks again

  • anupam

    Sir also please suggest some books related to science and tech , environment and ecology or topic which are important for this and sources from where it can be obtained

  • GreyMatterRules

    You are most welcome. Please keep in touch of my blog, i will post more

  • GreyMatterRules

    Join forum ias, join some good coaching for ur optional. Also dont depend too much on group study. Read basic books

  • GreyMatterRules

    U can read blog written by candidates with public administration as their optional. Read the books suggested by them and join some test series

  • GreyMatterRules

    Glad to know that it helped

  • GreyMatterRules

    Glad to know that it helped

  • GreyMatterRules

    Yes if you are feeling like that, then you should join a coaching institute

  • GreyMatterRules

    Yes, i will update a detailed book list that you can refer on my blog

  • GreyMatterRules

    Use basic standard books, coaching material from the market and online sources. Maintain continuity, consistency and self discipline

  • sir,i find your guidance true & helpful for us because you went through the journey with reality .

  • Narendra… Thanks for your crucial advice..will definitely try to work accordingly.. And yes I too agree that some things do take time..?

  • That’s a UPSC short essay. Well balanced ji 😛

  • Bhavika

    Amazing and very helpful,dispelled all doubts.Thank you?

  • lovishgarlani

    First of all i would love to congratulate you Sir. Literally the article is very useful. I have some queries…
    Actually i belong to a rural place ..and preparing for IAS.. there is no discussion group here.. So please tell me that is it important to join coaching institute? If Yes …then please recommend me some Coaching institutes. Please do recommend some books for CSAT too.. In seek of your valuable reply.
    Thank you
    Regards ☺

  • swagatikamishra

    Sir please guide me for public administration. I am belongs from chemistry background and i don’t have that much money for taking any coaching classes. So how can i prepare for ias exam through self study?

  • FinalAttempt

    please guide for sociology optional also, like what and how to study…


  • Kartikeswar Nanda

    Dear i have planned only to join geography option coaching as i am not getting enough source online and i am facing problem in some background issue , please suggest the decision will be good or is there any alternative that i can try. Please suggest a right way .

  • anupam

    Sir many candidate searching materials from there and there and after that they feel that they have wastage their slots of time for searching materials
    So please would you kindly suggest some important materials for general studies including notes and booksz

  • I will mug up all this cause I am going to say the same thing in 2016….

  • Thank you sir…

  • Rishabh shukla

    sir please guide me ,i am belongs from enginnering background and how can, i prepare for Ias exam
    Through self Stydy……

  • Alf

    Thanks a lot Sir and ForumIAS team

  • Pahari Lafandar

    Bhai sahaab, bahut bahut dhanya vaad, iseh bolte hain real guidance with realism.