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Question 1

Four children are sitting in a row. A is next to B but not next to C. If C is not next to D, who is/are D’s neighbours?

(A) A

(B) B

(C) A and B

(D) Cannot be determined

Question 2

Four people Alok, Bhupesh, Chander and Dinesh have a total of Rs.100 between themselves. Alok and Bhupesh between them have as much money as Chander and Dinesh between them. Alok has Rs.10 more than Bhupesh and Dinesh has twice the amount of money that Chander has. Who has the most amount of money?

(A) Alok

(B) Bhupesh

(C) Chander

(D) Dinesh

Question 3

A bell rings every 18 minutes. A second bell rings every 24 minutes. A third bell rings every 32 minutes. If all the three bells ring ring together at 8 am, when will they next ring together?

(A) 12 minutes after noon

(B) 4 minutes before noon

(C) 12 minutes before 1 pm

(D) 4 minutes after 1 pm

Question 4

There are 50 students in a class, and all of them speak at least English or Hindi. If 10 of them speak both languages and 21 can speak English, how many can speak Hindi only?

(A) 11

(B) 18

(C) 27

(D) 29

Question 5

For a charity show, the total tickets sold were 420 in number. Half of them were sold at the rate of Rs.5 per ticket, one third at the rate of Rs.3 per ticket and the rest for Rs.2 per ticket. What was the total amount received, in rupees?

(A) 900

(B) 1540

(C) 1610

(D) 2000


1. (D) 2. (D) 3. (D) 4. (B) 5. ()

1. Option (a) G,L,O – violates condition II
Option (b) G,J,M – violates condition IV
Option (C) K,I,M – violates condition I
Option (D) N,I,J – complies with all conditions.

2. Since, M must appear on the second panel (condition IV), J will have to appear along with H on 3rd panel.
Therefore, both J and H cannot appear on different panels.

3. Combination of G,J and I violates condition I, which requires the combination of I with N

4. If one of the panelists is K, other would be L as given in condition II,
I cannot appear with K and L because I always appears with N [refer condition I] and there cannot be more than three panelists

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