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Understanding Carbon Budget

Why is this concept important for us? No brownie points for guessing that. Hindu carried an article on it, in case you missed it. UNEP report is based on it. IPCC report last year for the first time assessed carbon budget. Now that I’ve convinced you of the topic’s importance, I’ll explain it you inRead Full Article

Global Gender Gap Index 2014

Reports and Indices are always important for the exam. UPSC asks them in both prelims and mains. It also serves as good fodder for Essay. Global Gender Gap  Report is published by World Economic Forum. First Report published in 2006. Global Gender Gap Index – What is it for ? Measures the relative gender based gaps inRead Full Article

5 Things the 30 economists said to the Prime Minister on MNREGS

In the mid of October, about 30 Economists wrote an open letter to the Prime Minister asking him not to dilute the provisions of MNREGA. Here are 5 things that the government did/ was trying to do, and here is what the economists had to say to him. In 5 bullet points.  Social Benefits atRead Full Article

Diesel Deregulation and Implications

Government has deregulated diesel price. In simple terms, the government will no longer decide the selling price of diesel. That decision will now be taken by oil retailers. Deregulating the price of diesel means that the price of diesel would now be linked to market price, instead of the government subsidizing the same as earlier.Read Full Article

Green Buildings, the Green Building Code & All UPSC related Stuff – Pointwise, demystified

Green Buildings are in news these days. At least all UPSC aspirants read about it in and out. A question can be expected on this in Pre and Mains every 2-3 years, so those of you planning to stick around, must prepare this topic well. What is a green building? Think about it. What doesRead Full Article

The FCI Reforms the Prime Minister is talking about – Pointwise, Demystified

  The Prime Minister in an address to the Parliament talked about reforms in the Food Corporation of India. Here is the gist, for exam point of view : The problem with FCI High inefficiecy High food inflation despite record buffer stock High corruption and leakage But what is the problem with FCI? Primarily, theRead Full Article

BRICS Bank & AIIB Bank: Benefits & Concerns – Pointwise, Demystified

Two things have happened recently: BRICS Bank has been formed – with subscription by Brazil, India, Russia, China & South Africa AIIB: The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank formed by India, China and 19 Asian economies. Aim of the Regional Banks: Multilateral Financial Institutions – viz. World Bank & IMF – are West dominated. reforms inRead Full Article

Open Letter by Economists to The Prime Minister on MNREGS. Read Here

  Below is the content of the Open Letter Written by Economists expressing concerns about the new governments moves on diluting MNREGS. This letter has been signed by Dilip Abreu, Pranab Bardhan, V Bhaskar, Ashwini Deshpande, Jean Drèze, Maitreesh Ghatak, Jayati Ghosh, Deepti Goel, Ashok Kotwal, S Mahendra Dev, Dilip Mookherjee, R Nagaraj, Sudha Narayanan,Read Full Article

Cheque Truncation System (CTS) Explained

What is Cheque Truncation (CTS) ? Cheque Truncation System (CTS) is used by the banks to stop the movement of a physical cheque from the bank where it is presented to the bank which had issued it. Under this system, an electronic image of the cheque is transmitted to the drawee branch along with the necessaryRead Full Article

What are Non-Performing Assets? – Clear your Concepts in 2 Minutes

NPAs have been in news for sometime now, with concern expressed by the RBI, Finance Minister as well as rating agencies. What are Non Performing  Assets? Non Performing Assets (NPAs)  are the debts for which the bank has not received any interest or principal repayment for an extended period of time. Since no income accruesRead Full Article