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Tackling Human-Wildlife Conflicts in India Tackling Human-Wildlife Conflicts in India

Context Odisha has 70% of the total elephant population in eastern India, is witnessing frequent human-elephant conflicts with 423 elephants perishing since 2011-12 and 421 humans deaths reported during the same period. To protect elephant habitats, the Odisha government had identified 14 corridors. Let us learn the background of the Human-Wildlife Conflicts in India.

Negative impacts of hydroelectric projects in the Himalayan regions

Recently, the Union Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change submitted an affidavit in the Supreme Court that the hydroelectric projects “aggravated the impact of floods” in Uttarakhand. While the ministry’s stance has been welcomed by environmentalists, it has delivered a blow to the Uttarakhand government and the companies building these projects as the State’s developmentRead Full Article

Bangladesh Oil spill – all you need to know

What happened? ♣ The Accident – Oil tanker Southern Star -7 carrying  350 tonnes of furnace oil capsized on Sela river . Both tankers were in a no go zone that was declared a sanctuary for endangered dolphins. This lies in the Sunderbans. Despite that, ever since silt had choked the standard shipping route, ships andRead Full Article

All that you need to know about GREEN DIESEL

Over the past few years you must have heard about green airliners which used a mixture of jet fuel and bio diesel.  Recently, Boeing powered its test flight using a mixture of jet fuel and green diesel. Firstly, remember that bio diesel and green diesel are two different things. You might be confused what exactlyRead Full Article

Understanding Carbon Budget

Why is this concept important for us? No brownie points for guessing that. Hindu carried an article on it, in case you missed it. UNEP report is based on it. IPCC report last year for the first time assessed carbon budget. Now that I’ve convinced you of the topic’s importance, I’ll explain it you inRead Full Article

What you need to know about Subramanian Committee Recommendations on Environmental Laws Amendments

So the Forest Survey of India says that about 90% of the country’s forest area can be opened up for “development”. It says about 11% of our forests should be strict no-go zone! To implement its development agenda, the new government wants to speed up clearances – environmental in particular. This looks difficult with currentRead Full Article

Green Buildings, the Green Building Code & All UPSC related Stuff – Pointwise, demystified

Green Buildings are in news these days. At least all UPSC aspirants read about it in and out. A question can be expected on this in Pre and Mains every 2-3 years, so those of you planning to stick around, must prepare this topic well. What is a green building? Think about it. What doesRead Full Article