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Silk Road revival plan- One Belt One Road

Historical background of Silk Road: 1. The Silk Road was a network of trade routes, formally established during the Han Dynasty. The road originated from Chang’an (now Xian) in the east and ended in the Mediterranean in the west, linking China with the Roman Empire. 2. As China’s silk was the major trade product, GermanRead Full Article

The Story of India – Japan Relations – by IFS Officer Nayantara D The Story of India – Japan Relations – by IFS Officer Nayantara D

This Article has been shifted to our new blog. Below is the link of the article: The Story of India – Japan Relations – by IFS Officer Nayantara D The Story of India – Japan Relations – by IFS Officer Nayantara D

Negative impacts of hydroelectric projects in the Himalayan regions

Recently, the Union Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change submitted an affidavit in the Supreme Court that the hydroelectric projects “aggravated the impact of floods” in Uttarakhand. While the ministry’s stance has been welcomed by environmentalists, it has delivered a blow to the Uttarakhand government and the companies building these projects as the State’s developmentRead Full Article

Bangladesh Oil spill – all you need to know

What happened? ♣ The Accident – Oil tanker Southern Star -7 carrying  350 tonnes of furnace oil capsized on Sela river . Both tankers were in a no go zone that was declared a sanctuary for endangered dolphins. This lies in the Sunderbans. Despite that, ever since silt had choked the standard shipping route, ships andRead Full Article

China’s growing interest in South Asia and Implications for India

China’s interest in South Asia has increased considerably. Its fresh bid for full membership to SAARC reflects South Asia’s growing importance for Beijing’s foreign policy agenda. This makes the topic of China-South Asia-India really important. This article will give you a comprehensive analysis about China’s ventures into South Asia , the reasons behind them and howRead Full Article

Katchatheevu Island, India – Sri Lanka Fishermen Issue, and Impact on Bilateral Ties – Pointwise

One of the main bones of contention in the diplomatic domain remains the issue of fishermen in the region, with both the governments not being able to reach any concrete and once-and-for-all resolution as yet. Why in news recently? protest against EU ban on seafood exports from Sri Lanka. persistent protest from northern fishers againstRead Full Article

India – Nepal hydel cooperation , PTA PDA – challenges and solutions

Nepal has endorsed the Power Trade Agreement (PTA) with India and also inked the Project Development Agreement (PDA) with Indian private company GMR. Let us take a holistic view at the different challenges that are likely and the possible solutions. 1. Timely execution of the projects – Pancheshwar multipurpose project was halted for long only because ofRead Full Article