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Challenges and Solution : Pulses production in India Challenges and Solution : Pulses production in India

Introduction Pulses occupy a unique place in India’s nutritional food security as they are a major source of proteins. India is the largest producer, consumer and importer of pulses. However, there is a gap between potential and actual yield of pulses in India. The slow growth in pulses production is due to low growth inRead Full Article

India’s Solar Policy : Objectives and Scope India’s Solar Policy : Objectives and Scope

All about India’s Solar Policy Introduction About 70% of India’s electricity generation capacity is from fossil fuels. India is largely dependent on fossil fuel imports to meet its energy demands. By 2030, India’s dependence on energy imports is expected to exceed 53% of the country’s total energy consumption. Greater import dependence is a a threatRead Full Article

All that you need to know about KISAN VIKAS PATRA

Finance Minister resurrected the Kisan Vikas Patra to boost small savings and increase savings rate. You need to know about the scheme well. Goes without saying, it is very important for Pre, Mains and Interview. What is KISAN VIKAS PATRA? Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP) is a savings certificate or a savings instrument. It is aRead Full Article

All that you need to know about Mental Health Care – issues and possible solutions; Mental Healthcare Bill 2013 ; Mental Health Policy

For the first time, India has a Mental Health Policy. This makes the topic of mental healthcare extremely important. Nothing stops the examiner from asking questions related to mental healthcare system in India. You need to understand the issue and its multiple facets completely to tackle any question. The question can be as direct asRead Full Article

What you need to know about Subramanian Committee Recommendations on Environmental Laws Amendments

So the Forest Survey of India says that about 90% of the country’s forest area can be opened up for “development”. It says about 11% of our forests should be strict no-go zone! To implement its development agenda, the new government wants to speed up clearances – environmental in particular. This looks difficult with currentRead Full Article

Preparing GS II for Mains? These 5 videos will compliment your preparation

This post is courtesy PRS Research – a thinktank based out of New Delhi. You can find out more about them here   For the Mains Examination, especially Paper II, where issues of Indian Polity are asked, you will need to do almost all the bills that are to be tabled in the Parliament, orRead Full Article

Net neutrality concept demystified

Why in news? Obama supported it. The principle of Net Neutrality was struck down by a US Federal appeals court. ISPs can manipulate traffic. What is it? Net Neutrality  is the idea that broadband Internet Service Providers should treat everything that flows across the Internet equally. Since we get the same internet speed for all websites, userRead Full Article

Clean India mission – challenges

” Every one must be his own scavenger – MK Gandhi “ Swacch Bharat mission has been launched, but several hurdles are there on the path. Waste Generation and Disposal Lack of capacity to process the collected waste and Inadequate landfills—the waste gets transported from point A to B, where it is either dumped indefinitely, orRead Full Article

Global Gender Gap Index 2014

Reports and Indices are always important for the exam. UPSC asks them in both prelims and mains. It also serves as good fodder for Essay. Global Gender Gap  Report is published by World Economic Forum. First Report published in 2006. Global Gender Gap Index – What is it for ? Measures the relative gender based gaps inRead Full Article

Clinical Trials – all that you need to know, explained pointwise

What are Clinical Trials? Clinical trials are research studies that explore whether a medical strategy, treatment, or device is safe and effective for humans. Before a drug  is launched in market, it has to be tested for its safety and efficacy. This is done in stages, with a large pool of patients after which the dataRead Full Article