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(Link Updated)Daily MCQs: UPSC Prelims Marathon: May 13

Daily Quiz: May 15

Welcome to Prelims Marathon 2017. Start attempting the Daily Quiz. This free program would be focused on UPSC Prelims 2017.

Click Here For More Details on Prelims Marathon

All the Best!

For UPSC Mains Preparation, we have Mains Marathon 2017 Initiative  🙂

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  • Samarjyoti Thakuria


  • SYA

    Daily Quiz: May 15
    2 of 5 questions answered correctly

    Your time: 00:02:13

    You have reached 2 of 5 scores, (40%)

    Average score 33.66%
    Your score

  • Geetanjali Joshi

    Daily Quiz: May 15
    2 of 5 questions answered correctly

    Your time: 00:01:28

    You have reached 2 of 5 scores, (40%)

    Average score 33.62%
    Your score 40%
    Thanks for attempting the Quiz.

  • Arthanari

    3 of 5 questions answered correctly

    Your time: 00:04:34

    You have reached 3 of 5 scores, (60%)q1,2

  • Sandeep Parashar

    Mera to 1/5 hai ,??

  • Sandeep Parashar

    Both r. Correct bro. Ans also

  • Mrinal Mukherjee

    Messed up the most silly ones

  • Chandraraj Solanki

    agreed !

  • Prii

    Hehe ohk nope ..?
    Ye bat shi h pr itne kuch khas revenue nhi generate hota h .. YouTube k jriye… Or Unacademic m he din new teachers hi njr ate hain… Lgta h sb apna,apna forum chla rhe hain ..
    Ohk boss?
    Ap pdhiye ?
    M chli sone
    Gn ???jsk?

  • Destination

    he he…
    use ur economic’s funda dear..
    things will be clear frm there.
    in a market economy there r so many ways to create revenue and this online forum is also a part f this ..
    for ex- youtube pe videos free available hain koi bhi apna content daal sakta hai to kya vo log sirf shaukia videos daltein hain ni vahan bhi revenue generate hota hai..
    unacademy ka hi example le lo , vo koi charity ni hai there r so many ways ..
    tarike prelims ke baad bata dunga…

  • Prii

    Ye to online forum h na ??
    Inko paise kon deta hoga ..?

  • $partan

    3 of 5 scores, 60%


    4 of 5 questions answered correctly

    ‘Brown label’ ATM are those Automated Teller Machines where hardware and the lease of the ATM machine is owned by a service provider, but cash management and connectivity to banking networks is provided by a sponsor bank whose brand is used on the ATM.

    White Label ATM or White Label Automated Teller Machines or WLAs in India will be owned and operated by Non Bank entities. From such White Label ATM customer from any bank will be able to withdraw money, but will need to pay a fee for the services. These white label automated teller machines (ATMs) will not display logo of any particular bank and are likely to be located in non traditional places.
    WLA Operator shall declare one “Sponsor Bank” , who will serve as the Settlement Bank for the settlement of all the service transactions at the WLAs.Cash Management of the WLAs shall be entrusted to the Sponsor Bank.

  • Destination

    He he..
    Delhi ke coaching institutes ka bahut revenue hota hai..
    Koi jyada ni hi

  • Prii

    300 bitcoin ..forumias loot jayega ?

  • Prii

    Thank you dee to motivate me ?shi kha aapne ye bhi ab yad rhenge ??

  • Hrangkekuala


  • seeker1797


  • <3 KH <3

    2/5 🙁
    options are not good

  • PD


  • PD

    Fourth que – explanation is right but answer marked wrong

  • destination

    achhi chal rahi..
    jis din marks achhe aa jatein hai us din lagta hai sab thik hai and vice versa.

    geo and medieval hist. se khuli jung lad raha hun is tym 🙂


    Look at the question no 4 , explanation is right but answer is marked wrong.

  • Jyoti Singh

    Preparation Kaisi Chal Rahi Hai ???

  • destination


  • destination

    ohhk finally link aa gya..
    300 bitcoin de diye lag rha.. 🙂 🙂
    Q4 expl. sahi diya gya hai lekin batti ALL OF THE ABOVE pr jala di.. 🙂

    first statement related to BROWN LABEL ATM.
    second statement (need some modification) related to white label atm
    third one related to GREEN LABEL ATM

  • Jyoti Singh

    Dear Prii,
    Mistakes Are The Proof That You Are Learning…..!!!
    We All Are Human and We Tend To Make Mistakes Nothing To Worry About….!!!

  • Prii

    2/5 in questions m bhi silly mistakes hongi to ache questions m kya anjaam hoga ..???

  • UPSC aspirant


  • Rakesh Anand

    #@%! … 1/5

  • chetan taneja


  • Atulesh Jha

    Q4 chk…

  • ForumIAS

    Error rectified… link has been updated

  • destination

    Ransomware effect…
    Aa gya forum ias pr bhi . Link ka kuch PTA ni ??

  • DM Sahab

    No Link. Not cool! IASBABA ka hi lagaleta hun tab tak.

  • Jyoti Singh

    QUiz Kidhar Hai…..!!!

  • Solitude

    Ho gaya….ab zyada sharminda na karein …

  • Jyoti Singh

    ForumIas Sir Jee,
    Quiz Without Link.

    Same Mistake Time and Again &Over and Over Again…..!!!