Daily must read articles- 11th August

The Hindu

Paper 1 (women issues)

A question of human rights

Paper 2(Polity)

Can filing of routine appeals not stop, SC asks law panel

Paper 2 (social issues)

Regulating India’s regressive health insurance

Paper 2 (social issues)

Paper 2 (international issues)

Deja vu of a new beginning

Paper 2  (Polity)

Biased’ citizenship Bill draws flak from MPs

Paper 2 (Social issues)

‘Indian research skewed towards engineering, sciences’

Paper 3 (Resources)

Kudankulam unit dedicated to nation

Paper 3 (Environment)

Greater Flamingos give city sanctuaries a miss

Indian Express

A River Runs Through It

People of India have let down Irom Sharmila

After the celebrations



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