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Do you think that Aadhar has been effective in ending corruption? Discuss critically.

Do you think that Aadhar has been effective in ending corruption? Discuss critically. (GS 2)

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    keep writing..good effort..

  • ForumIAS

    Try to write the answer in points or paragraphs’s difficult to read this way..
    However the content in the he answer is good.

  • Anant Mishra

    aadhar refers to uniform identification issued by goi in order to establish an homogeneos identification coverage nation wide as to ensure pinpointed percolation benifits provided by government to downtrodden
    basically aadhar was developed on lines of demolishing middle men installments between government and benefeciaries as well as to curb faking because it requires retina as well as finger scanning and is encypted in identification system.
    as far as curbing of corruption is concerned it has enhanced and enabled the various allocations to be directly delieverd into bank accounts such gas subsidies / pds subsidies / farming subsidies etc which has to great extent has reduced coruption to great extent increasing socio economic development , but in totallity government has not been able to deliever transperancy in aadhar allotment as we have witnessed multiple eg of faking of aadhar etc hence we require transperancy as well a nodal regulating agency for aadhar to keep a check on corruption

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