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Download: Mains Marathon – December 2016 Compilation

Dear Aspirants,

Here is the Mains Marathon– December 2016 Compilation.

Download the compiled file of ForumIAS Mains Marathon December 2016 Compilation Here


Direct Download Link : Click Here

Summing up the Mains Marathon Initiative:

  • 3-4 questions on a daily basis.

Links will be provided – which should be read and digested in another 30 -40 minutes. In essence, the exercise, even when done at a slow pace, should help you do a meaningful Answer Writing Practice in between 1 hour to 90 Minutes, but never more than that.

  • We try to keep all questions meaningful and relevant to the examination.
  • We offer a general feedback for the questions and point out any errors that you may be making in your answers.
  • We also come up with one Essay Topic Every week for Essay. This is released on Saturday.
  • Every week, we announce the two top contributors.

Each Top Contributor is sent ONE Answer Writing Notebook by ForumIAS –  as a gift 🙂

  • Monday – Friday : Around 3-4 Questions on Mains Marathon – Current Events
  • Saturday : Weekly Essay – One Topic


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