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Download: Mains Marathon – September Compilation

forumias mains questions and answers

Dear Friends,

Please download the compiled file of ForumIAS Mains Marathon (September) Compilation.

We will be coming out with compilation for October within 48 hours.

Click on image below to download:


Alternatively, you can download a copy from

You can also place an order for a hard copy and get it delivered from

Click here to Download the August Compilations


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  • Akm Nozmul Islam

    Thnx forum IAS team. Your team is a great team. Salute you.

  • Dc

    Thanks 🙂

  • santosh

    thanx sir..

  • Bubbles

    thanks a lot!

  • ForumIAS


  • ForumIAS

    Thanks Anand 🙂

  • Aspirant-upsc

    Dear sir,
    Will this compilation be continue after December too or it will be stopped after this year mains.

  • anand kumar

    addicted to forumias. thanx a lot.

  • Sanjeev Malhotra


  • ForumIAS

    🙂 🙂 Thanks Captain.

  • Captain America

    Getting addicted to ForumIAS.. 🙂 Thanks.

  • ForumIAS

    Thanks aero.

  • aerosmith

    sahi hai BOSS..

  • Jeremy Thangkhokai Haokip

    Thanks ForumIAS……….