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Economic Survey 2017 Summary By ForumIAS

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Economic Survey 2017 Summary By ForumIAS


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  • Waseem Khan

    Very Nice Article, You can also read Economics 35000+ MCQ Book Thank You So Much for this wonderful post.

  • Waseem Khan
  • Venkat Sai Kumar

    can i know when 2017-18 economic survey gist releases

  • aman asthana

    @forumias-7f07ca326ce76cdde680e4b3d568bce8:disqus excellent work! I would like to point out a mistake though. Economic Survey volume 1, page 19 (Demonetisation chapter) where it talks about the effect of CASH CRUNCH on informal and formal economies.
    Someone has mentioned paragraph 3.68 and 3.69 from the Survey, but have left 3.70 where it explicitly mention that para 3.69 is not true! ( “Of course this is not literally true, for it affects both informal and formal economies” )
    Please make a correction, students might not recognise this!
    thankyou once again for posting this! jai hind! _/_ 🙂 🙂

  • ForumIAS

    Thanks Isha.

  • Peaceful Warrior

    @forumias-7f07ca326ce76cdde680e4b3d568bce8:disqus I have gone through your summary of all chapters. Must say, its exhaustive & covers almost everything that original survey tries to convey. However, i also bought one book from market which resembled almost the way you guys prepare notes. So, wanted to ask if you guys have published a book too this year for economic survey?

    Now, about the book….there are good questions given at the end of that book. I have posted few questions of that book on forum yesterday. Thought that the questions and a few chapters from that book can be really helpful for all our friends here. So, if anyone wants to have a look at some selected (which i found useful) portions of the book, you can mention here in the comments. I will post them for you all.

  • Isha

    Thanks a lot.

  • ForumIAS

    Thanks for the compliment.

  • Aastha Sharma

    now that is something called honesty….along with the support you provided in form of summary…

  • ForumIAS

    Thanks Morgan 🙂

  • Morgan

    Thanx @forumias-7f07ca326ce76cdde680e4b3d568bce8:disqus 🙂

  • ForumIAS

    Try to go through the Original Economic Survey document as well.

  • learner

    @forumias-7f07ca326ce76cdde680e4b3d568bce8:disqus i’m sure you have covered all important parts. Can i rely on this summary alone bypassing eco sur original

  • ForumIAS

    There are only 2 parts.

  • pritam


    how many total parts will you be posting? please reply