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Ethics & Public Administration Strategy by Prabhat Malik AIR 68

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Ethics & Public Administration Strategy by Prabhat Malik AIR 68


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  • Kumar Gaurav


  • samarpit

    Plz share your views on whether pawan sirs class notes would suffice?

  • septil


  • sahooranjan801


  • Aman

    it is really fruitful for us,thanks sir

  • PrabhatMalik

    @all: I will provide my answer copies to sir for gs and pub ad both

  • PrabhatMalik

    @rrv: I will be there at 11am on 30th August

    @realaxis22: The sourcebook for ethics was sir notes and obscure topics I covered from here and there just for satisfaction of self

  • MLZR

    Thanks for information

  • rrv

    Thanks a lot for the informative post! Can you please tell at what time will you be interacting at Pavan Sir’s institute on Sunday?

  • gautampal

    Thanks sir for ur guidance..

  • realaxis22

    Very nice effort sir really appreciate it .. But pls tell a source book to read

  • Anubhav Jain

    Speaking of PK sir’s classes for GS paper 4, is it the study material which is relevant or one needs to physically attend the classes to benefit from the course?
    Also could u send a copy of ur GS 4 answer book so that we could gain insight on how one should write answers

  • Manasa Kulkarni

    Thank you..

  • divyaprakash

    please give us some question answers written by you….

  • LP Yadav