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Facts in News (FIN) : February 1 – February 15

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[Facts in News]


Bills, Programs, Policies, Schemes, Orders, Judgements
Strategic storage of oil
  • Underground storages are being built at Mangalore, Visakhapatnam and Padur
  • To guard against global price shocks
  • Adnoc(Abu Dhabi National oil company) has agreed to store crude oil in it
Gokul Gram yojana
  • Community development programme designed to educate milk producers
  • Punjab government has launched an extensive mission to develop pure breed of the ‘Sahiwal’ cattle under this yojana
Bharat Net project
  • Project to connect all India’s households, particularly rural areas, through broadband by 2017.
  • It will be backbone of “Digital India Programme”
  • PPP model used to implement the project.
Swachh Bharat Mission
  • Solid waste management is one of key feature of it
  • It has been made mandatory for fertilizer company to buy compost that is extracted from municipal solid waste
Child surrogacy
  • In a verdict, Bombay High court directed the Central Railways to grant 180 days of maternity leave to a woman who had a child through surrogacy.
Visa on Arrival
  • No waiting time to travel to India
  • Only business and conference VIsa seekers are allowed right now
  • Categories like research and medical are “not” allowed right now
  • 113 countries citizens can get Visa on Arrival facility


National & International Events
Historic Meeting
  • Pope Francis and the head of the Russian Orthodox Church will meet in Cuba.
  • It could be a historic step towards healing the 1,000-year-old rift between the Western and Eastern branches of Christianity.
India – Bangladesh:

Maritime cooperation

  • India and Bangladesh signed a Standard Operating Procedure(SOP) to operationalise the agreement on coastal shipping
  • China had earlier offered to develop the Chittagong port and India sees it as encircling by China under its”String of Pearls” strategy
India-Thailand Maritime cooperation
  • Joint task force meeting to deepen maritime and defence cooperation, ocean safety, disaster management and anti terror drills
  • Organised from 13-18th February in Mumbai
  • Showcasing the potential of design, innovation and sustainability across India’s manufacturing sectors in the coming decade. A week that will spark a renewed sense of pride in India’s manufacturing – and take corporate and public participation to the next level.
Trafficking in Persons (TIP) conclave
  • Held in siliguri, West Bengal government has decided to set up a central nodal agency to  fight against human trafficking
Surajkund International Crafts Mela 2016
  • Showcases the richness and diversity of Handicrafts, Handlooms and Cultural heritage of the country
  • It’s the 30th year of the mela, held for 15 fifteen days
  • 23 countries will participate this year.
  • China and Japan will be the “focus countries
  • Standing Conference Of Public Enterprises.
  • An international conference summit was held jointly with ILO, titled ”Reinventing HR”
  • U.D.Choubey is Director General of SCOPE
Trans Pacific Partnership
  • A US led free trade deal in Asia-Pacific
  • 12 countries signed the agreement in feb 2016
  • China not part of the agreement
Sino-India cooperation 2016
  • First joint tactical exercise in border(Chushul-Moldo) area
  • Previously joint exercise was conducted in Sikkim
  • Part of ongoing initiatives for better cooperation
Cobra Gold
  • An Asia Pacific multilateral amphibious exercise held in Thailand every year
Nuclear compensation
  • India ratified the Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damage(CSC)
  • CSC allows for increasing the compensation amount in the event of nuclear incident


Economy and banking
Currency Swap agreement
  • Foreign exchange derivative between two institutions to exchange the principal and/or interest payments of a loan in one currency for equivalent amounts, in net present value terms, in another currency
  • Recently there is currency swap agreement between RBI and UAE’s central Bank
NSEL(National stock Exchange Limited) and FTIL(Financial Technologies India Limited) to merge
  • This is the first time that the government has ordered a merger between two private entities under Section 396 of The Companies Act, 1956
  • NSEL  was embroiled in a Rs.5,600 crore settlement scam in July 2013


Science and Technology
Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO)
  • Detected Gravitational waves from space
  • It is in US
Mars Orbiter Mission(MOM)
  • A low cost Indian satellite still orbiting Mars beyond its mission time
  • NASA, Mars society Australia and Birbal Sahni institute will travel to ladakh to study topography and microbial life
  • Collaboration with France for a second Mars mission
  • European Organization for nuclear research, houses the large hadron collider.
  • Has succeeded in showing atom of anti-Hydrogen is charged neutral
Novus Drive
  • A 14 seater battery powered driverless shuttle
  • “Robotic Systemz” manufactured Novus at their Gurgaon facility
  • The homegrown vehicle has a range of 150Kms in a single charge.
  • Lightest solid material known to man
  • Finest insulation material
  • It has super high oil absorption capacity
  • Singapore scientists have successfully converted paper waste into green cellulose aerogels which are light, non toxic and flexible.
Cancer treatment
  • Scientists in the US are using empty Hepatitis E virus shell to transfer anti cancer vaccine and drugs in the body to treat cancer or other illness
  • Clustered Regularly Inter Spaced Short Palindromic Repeats
  • Have resistance to foreign genetic elements and provides a form of acquired immunity
  • Ethical debates have arisen in changing DNA sequence related  unborn human babies
  • A transportation concept by Elon Musk, co-founder of Tesla motors.
  • Pods will have 20-30 people, which would travel in tubes at speeds of about 1127 Kms per hour.
Drishti RVR
  • An indigenously developed Runway Visual Range system
  • Beneficial in the severest of the fog
  • A mission to study the Sun sanctioned, likely  to be launched 2019-2020 on PSLV
  • L1 is lagrangian point in an orbit where the gravitational pulls of Earth and Sun don’t affect the spacecraft
  • Aditya has been designed by ADCOS, a multi faculty body of ISRO, which also designed the 2008 Chandrayaan I and 2013 Mars Orbiter Mission
Project Loon
  • Project of Google to provide internet connectivity to rural and remote areas
  • It will use helium filled balloons to provide connectivity to provide to an area of 40 Kms in diameter at 4G speeds.
  • Google is hoping to launch it India  


Raorshestas Travancorius
  • A rare and endemic frog species found in Kerala
  • Its was reported as extinct but now has been found again from the Periyar Tiger Reserve
  • COral Reef Airborne Laboratory, a NASA 3 year airborne experiment
  • To survey the conditions of major coral reefs through remote sensing
  • Portable remote imaging spectrometer(PRISM) will be deployed measure optically, area covered by the reef and the reef productivity
World Wetlands Day
  • 2nd feb marks the signing of Convention on wetlands, called Ramsar Convention.
  • Theme this year is “ Wetlands for our future- Sustainable Livelihood”
Black Necked Cranes
  • Kashmir’s Endangered and vulnerable lovebirds
  • Its number has gone up
Tiger census Report
  • Karnataka tops the chart with 406 Tigers
  • Half of these tigers is in Bandipur and Nagarhole National Park


Persons in News ( Appointments, Awards , Deaths )
Hanumanthappa Koppad
  • Was Lance Naik in Indian Army
  • Rescued from 35 feet beneath the snow in  -45°C temperature, six days after an avalanche hit an Indian Army post in Siachen
  • But died of multiple organ failure
  • Appointed as one of the five Vice-Presidents of the newly established Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank(AIIB)
  • Designation of Chief Investment Officer(CIO) to focus on infrastructure in Asia
  • He was former bureaucrat with the Govt. of Gujarat
Archana Ramasundaram
  • First woman to head a paramilitary force(SSB)
  • 1980 batch IPS of Tamil Nadu cadre
  • Currently special Director NCRB
Afroz begum and Jahan Ara
  • First women Qazis of Rajasthan
Harinder Sandhu
  • Australia’s new High Commissioner to India
  • She is of Indian Origin
Sudhir Tailang
  • A well known cartoonist, died at 55 of brain tumour
  • A Padma Shri awardee,2004, for contribution to the art of cartooning
Asad Rauf
  • Umpire from Pakistan
  • Banned by BCCI on charges of corruption and misconduct in relation to IPL spot fixing scandal
O.N.V Kurup
  • Malayalam poet died recently
  • Recipient of Jnanpith award and Padma Vibhushan
Edgar D. Mitchell
  • A NASA astronaut, Sixth man to set foot on the moon, died.
  • Space mission- Apollo 14
  • Died 1 day before his 45th anniversary of moon landing in 1971
Prashant Kishore
  • An Indian political strategist and advisor to Chief Minister of Bihar on Policies and Program Implementation
  • Public Health expert by training and had formerly worked with the United Nations
Rohith Vemula
  • Dalit Research scholar of University of Hyderabad
  • He committed suicide
Justice(retd.) Sanjay Mishra
  • Appointed lokayukta of U.P,succeeding justice(retd.) N.K.Mehrotra, who held the post since 2006
  • He has retired from the Allahabad high court
Sanjeev Rajput
  • A shooting sportsperson qualified in the Asia Olympic shooting competition
  • He will now join shooters who will represent India in RIO Olympics
Leslie Bassett
  • Pulitzer winning composer died recently
Dhirendra Hiralal Waghela
  • Appointed as new Chief Justice of Bombay High court
  • Was previously Chief Justice of Orissa High court and Karnataka High court
Nida Fazli
  • Noted Urdu poet died of heart attack at 78
  • He was awarded Padma shri in 2013


Places in News
  • Due to the claim on the disputed  structure here by both Hindus and Muslims, it has come to be known as ‘mini-Ayodhya’
  • It is in Madhya Pradesh
Bar Simaluguri
  • Northeast’s first Smart village
  • It is along Indo-Bhutan border, in Baksa district of Assam
  • It is done under aegis of Nanda Talukdar Foundation (NTF)
Loyola College,Chennai
  • Gives preferential option for the poor and Dalits in admissions and appointments


Books, Movies, Literature etc.
TITLI movie
  • Won Best first foreign film award
  • Conferred by the French Syndicate of Cinema Critics(FSCC) 2016
  • Directed by Kanu Behl


ICC under-19  world cup
  • West Indies won the series
  • Defeated India in the final
South Asian Games
  • 12th version of South Asian Games
  • “Tikhor” , a playful rhino is the mascot of the games
  • “Peace,Prosperity and Progress”, motto of the games
  • Ghosal took oath on behalf of participating athletes


GreenSignal Bio Pharma Pvt. Ltd.
  • An Indian company accorded PQP(prequalification of medicines programme) certification from WHO
  • PQP certification helps to participate in the global immunization programme
Intellectual property Index
  • By US
  • chamber of commerce Index is based on 30 criteria critical to innovation like patent, copyright, trademark protection, etc
  • India ranked 37 among 38 countries
National Legal Services Authority(NALSA)
  • Provides free legal services to weaker sections of the society, constituted in 1995
  • Union Govt. will extend Rs.148 crore to help provide free legal services to those who cannot afford
World Cancer Day
  • Feb 4, an international day founded by the Union for International Cancer Control(UICC)
  • Aims to raise awareness of cancer, encourage prevention, detection and treatment.
Araku Coffee
  • Araku valley is a hill station in Andhra Pradesh famous for coffee plantations
  • Premium organic “Araku Emerald” brand sells globally
Nada Kushti
  • A traditional form of wrestling of Mysore
  • “Garadis”- traditional wrestling gymnasiums
  • Vajramusthi Kalaga- Fist fighting
Beyond the Body
  • An international publication with black and white pictures of two wrestlers in a Garadi
  • Tomasz Gudzowaty- a renowned Polish photographer
  • Edited by Nan Goldin- a well known American photojournalist
Geographical Indication(GI)
  • A place name used to identify the origin, quality or reputation
  • Indian Basmati rice is set to get GI tag
EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2015
  • Vinita Gupta, Chief Executive Officer, and Nilesh Gupta, Managing Director, Lupin Ltd.


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